Delivery chaos on Doncaster road with no street signs

Lost post, missing deliveries and invalid car insurance documents are all problems one street of Doncaster residents have faced after housing developers failed to install street signs '“ two years after work on the properties finished.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 15th February 2016, 10:26 am
Updated Monday, 15th February 2016, 10:30 am
NDFP-Man upset over missing street sign, The address does not appear on some sat-navs, it is just off Beckett Road
NDFP-Man upset over missing street sign, The address does not appear on some sat-navs, it is just off Beckett Road

For people living on Golden Fleece Court in Wheatley the simple matter of having post delivered to the right address has been a constant source of stress.

The lack of a street sign means residents often have their address confused with properties that have the same house number on nearby Beckett Road.

Paul Gilligan, who has lived on the street since last year, said he and his neighbours are ‘extremely frustrated’ with the situation after years of post regularly going missing and delivery drivers being unable to find their street.

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The 51-year-old said he has been asking both Doncaster Council and the housing developer Jimmy Johal to rectify the situation for ‘several months’.

He said: “We have been waiting for some street signs to be erected with the housing development having been built around two years earlier.

“The Highway Department at Doncaster Council have been contacted on a number of occasions, as have the builder, but each blame the other for the lack of street signs.

“The result is that mail – often very important mail – is often mis-delivered, if delivered at all, and delivery vehicles have a grand old time trying to deliver items to an address they cannot find due to the lack of signs.

“Our solicitor cannot help as this is deemed as a civil matter, and as such, they cannot become involved. In the meantime, it would appear that nobody can be bothered to do anything, least of all the council, who are happy to take our money and do nothing to help when their assistance is required.

“I’ve found that even my car insurance documents are incorrect because of this, as my insurer hasn’t been able to find the street so I don’t think the street can have been registered properly.”

Council assistant director of environment Gill Gillies said: “When a new housing development is built, it is the developer’s responsibility to apply to the council for street name plates.

“The delay in this case was caused by the developer taking longer than expected to finalise an order, but we would like to assure the residents of Golden Fleece Court that the street name plates are being made as we speak. We expect the signs will be up within the coming weeks.”

Mr Johal was unavailable for comment when contacted by The Star.