Deep-fried sprouts prove unexpected festive hit for Yorkshire chippie

A Yorkshire chippie says its decision to start serving deep-fried Brussels sprouts has been an unexpected success.

Saturday, 10th December 2016, 10:15 am
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 12:33 pm
A Yorkshire chippie says its decision to start serving deep-friedBrusselssprouts has been an unexpected success.

Andrea Long, from Terry's Traditional Fish and Chips in Huddersfield said she was not confident the much-maligned festive vegetables would be hit with her regulars after her experiment with deep-fried pumpkin at Halloween did not go so well.

But Mrs Long told BBC Radio 5Live hardly anyone has turned-down the seasonal treat, which she has been giving away to customers waiting for her more traditional menu items to fry.

She said that customers' initial reaction was that "their noses screwed-up and they said 'no thanks'."

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But she said: "When they tried them, I've only had three people dislike them and there's about 200 who haven't."

Mrs Long said she is now giving the sprouts a break for a week or so in favour of other Christmas favourites like pigs-in-blankets and stuffing balls.

But she said they will be back on December 22 when she will be expecting punters to stump up 10p per deep-fried vegetable for the local hospice charity.

But Mrs Long said she draws the line at deep-frying Christmas Pudding and other sweet dishes.

"I refuse to do anything sweet," she said. "Sweet and batter don't go together."

And s he said she already has plans for some special deep-fried Valentines Day and Easter treats.

"I think I've made a rod for my own back," she said.