Daughter of murdered South Yorkshire pensioner Tommy Ward issues emotional appeal one year on after his death

The heartbroken daughter of murdered South Yorkshire pensioner Tommy Ward has today issued an emotional appeal on the anniversary of his death.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 21st February 2017, 1:32 pm
Updated Wednesday, 1st March 2017, 8:54 am
Jackie Perry with a picture of her dad Tommy Ward
Jackie Perry with a picture of her dad Tommy Ward

Jackie Perry, 53, has continued to live with the pain not knowing who left her dad for dead in his Maltby home on October 1, 2015. The former soldier was robbed of £30,000 of his life savings.

Tommy, 80, was rushed to Rotherham Hospital but he sadly died in February 2016.

Tommy Ward

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Police are continuing their efforts on the case after months of dead ends.

Four people arrested on suspicion of murder have not to led to any charges being brought due to a lack of evidence.

Going through a huge box of old photos, Jackie and her husband Steve look at snaps of Tommy during happy times when they went on holidays together as a family.

Speaking about a trip to Jackie's brother's in Devon, a picture sits on the window ledge in her home of Tommy with a beaming smile. In such horrific circumstances, It's small distraction to remember the happy occasions the family spent with him.

Tommy Ward on holiday

"He loved it down there," Jackie said.

But the family are desperate for answers, yearning for the people responsible to be brought to justice. Somebody knows who has done it but as of yet, nobody has appeared in the dock.

One year on from his death, the message is still the same when she first appeared in front of a large media scrum in 2015 appealing for information.

"It's been horrible. I've had my dad taken away from us, the grandchildren have lost their granddad - he was the only one they had got and we're appealing for anybody with any information come forward to the police," she said.

Tommy Ward

"It might seem little or nothing to them but it could mean a lot to us as a family because we want these people catching. We want to get it out there and try and keep it fresh in people's minds because it's horrendous not knowing."

Jackie said she thinks people know who did it but are reluctant to come forward.

"Find it in your hearts to come forward and let us put my Dad to rest like we should've done instead of having this on us all the time.

"You end up looking at people thinking, 'do they know?' It leaves you a bit paranoid but you can't help it.

Tommy Ward on holiday

"My daughters go down Maltby high street and people ask about it, offering support all the time."We just want to put it to rest so he can rest peacefully with my mum."

Turning away from the shocking circumstances from Tommy death, Jackie recalled Tommy's cheeky but loving demeanour.

"He was a proper character, he loved his Irish jokes and loved craic with everybody - he was a real joker. Even though we heard these jokes hundreds of times he still told them!

"He loved his family, everybody loved him, he was a really great dad and granddad and great-grandad.

"He liked his pint up at the Manor Hotel - he'd go up there on his scooter. He was a lovable rogue as you say."

Despite the ongoing nightmare, the community of Maltby has rallied round. Messages of support have come from all over the region.

Around £23,000 has been raised on Tommy's behalf and the family have split the money and donated it to several charities. Sheffield Hospitals Charity, the PDSA, British Heart Foundation and Rotherham Hospice have all benefited.

"I can't thank people enough for the support. Everyone who has come up to us has been absolutely appalled by what's happened they've been so great.

"The Maltby community is eager to bring whoever did this to justice, they always ask us how the investigation is going - I know they've been great with the police when they ask questions."

Jackie gave a message to those who carried out this sickening attack.

"Please turn yourselves in, put our minds at rest and end this agony for all of us."

Crimestoppers has offered a £10,000 reward for information on Tommy's killers.

Any information, call South Yorkshire Police on 101 or Crimestopper anonymously on 0800 555 111.