Dated mystery photographs from around Doncaster..

Here are some more mystery photographs from the local studies section at Doncaster's main library.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 6th August 2018, 5:34 pm
Updated Monday, 6th August 2018, 5:43 pm
Do you know who any of this merry bunch are?
Do you know who any of this merry bunch are?

With no labels, and no information as to where they came from or in cases of people, who the figures depicted might be, these photographs still form part of the borough’s history.

They are a selection from among scores of photographs donated to the library at some point.

Which White Swan? And when would this be taken?

They are all Doncaster-related, and include the outlying villages that come under the town’s address.

If anyone does recognise anyone or anything about them, then the local studies people at the library would be interested to receive the information.

Heritage advisor Liz Astin said that the material they hold in local studies reflects all kinds of history about the town and its people, whether it be social, industrial, political or depicting changes to the environment.

Anyone seeking to do research can find help and guidance towards material that might be useful to them, whether it is in the plentiful genealogical records, trade and street directories, or within copies of local newspapers dating back to 1785 on microfilm.

A busy street scene with an air of excitement..

These papers’ titles no longer exist, and include the Yorkshire Journal, the Doncaster Gazette and the Doncaster Chronicle.

Computers and printers for people to use while visiting the section add to the facilities, for both groups and individuals.

Anyone who has old photographs of faces and places, or events from the past, in and around Doncaster, who would like to share them with Free Press readers, can do so on this page.

Simply email copies of them, with some explanation, to the following address:

Bridge and waterscape..