Customers return ‘time and again’ to Precise Time watch repair shop in Doncaster Frenchgate

Guy Holland's bespoke watch which went to G7 summit.Guy Holland's bespoke watch which went to G7 summit.
Guy Holland's bespoke watch which went to G7 summit.
Precise Time is in the business of repairing and selling watches – and it takes its punning name seriously.

Based in the Frenchgate Centre, they have been in business for two-and-a-half years and have customers from all over the UK calling on their services.

Owner Guy Holland, aged 42, from Sprotborough has had a long career in the watch industry, repairing watches for the last 23 years, but decided to come back home to set up his own business.

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Adam Jones, repairing watch in shop.Adam Jones, repairing watch in shop.
Adam Jones, repairing watch in shop.

He said: “We offer the same or better services offered by the manufacturers at lower prices and completed much more quickly. People are tired of waiting four to eight weeks to have a battery fitted in their watch properly and we can complete many of these repairs in store and on the day.

“We’re very well equipped for a locally-based store of this type and are able to complete repairs on virtually any type of watch. We won't be entirely happy until we can repair absolutely any watch put before us.”

Their business is growing and they have many repeat loyal customers who come in ‘time and time again’, with an increase in business of 25 per cent year on year.

Guy said: “We have customers from way outside of Doncaster, people are recommending us from York and London. It’s quite nice to know that people are coming especially to Doncaster just to come to our shop.”

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Guy Holland, Owner of Precise Time.Guy Holland, Owner of Precise Time.
Guy Holland, Owner of Precise Time.

Throughout 2019, Guy wants to grow the business by investing in more watch repair tools. The most common repairs in watches are battery repairs, resealing and bracelet alterations.

In addition, Guy and his talented co-worker Adam Jones, 26, from Balby, also make their own bespoke timepieces. One recently took centre stage at the G7 summit.

Guy said: “We recently worked in collaboration with the very talented team at the PARC Research Centre at Cardiff University to create a 3D printed watch part for a bespoke watch I was making.

“The watch was subsequently presented to representatives at the G7 summit in Quebec and featured at the Ipsera Conference in Athens as an example of the capabilities of 3D printing and its role in product life cycle extension.

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Guy Holland's bespoke watch which went to the G7 summit.Guy Holland's bespoke watch which went to the G7 summit.
Guy Holland's bespoke watch which went to the G7 summit.

“As we progress as a company we intend to work further on this project and see what the possibilities of 3D printed parts are.”

The watch Guy made for himself has a screw-down crown, is 100m water resistant and has a personalised engraving with his son’s name.  

In the future Guy is considering making more bespoke items to sell in store.

Not only is Guy passionate about watches but also about the town his business is based in. He has faith in the high street and believes that Doncaster is on the rise.

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He said: “There has been a lot in the news recently about the damaging effect internet sales are having on high streets across the UK, including Doncaster, causing some of the country’s best-known retailers to close.

“I believe there is a growing realisation that the quality of personal service you receive in a store, staffed with experts who can answer your questions and give you professional advice, far outweighs the price savings of ordering from a warehouse selling from the internet.

“There are some great new shops springing up in Doncaster and this can only help to revitalise the town and bring in more jobs.

“Doncaster has one of the largest shopping malls in Yorkshire, a famous racecourse and good transport links, including its own airport, and we are determined to offer an unparalleled service that brings in more customers from surrounding areas to this great town.”