'You won't win:' Thieves bolt crop tools from new Doncaster bike repair station

Vile thieves have stolen tools from a brand new Doncaster bike repair station – just hours after it was unveiled.

By Darren Burke
Sunday, 30th January 2022, 4:26 pm

The facility, which features a number of household tools to help cyclists repair their bikes while on the go, was only unveiled on Friday.

But just hours after being launched in Sandall Park, thieves used bolt croppers to nab screwdrivers.

But defiant park bosses have vowed to repair the station and says that the thieves ‘won’t win.’

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The bike repair station had its tools stolen just days after being installed.

Friends of Sandall Park chairman Sandra Crabtree, who runs the volunteer group which looks after the park said: “For those that like to say "I told you so" you'll be pleased to know that all the tools have been bolt cropped off the tool station.

"And as we said previously - this won't stop us from replacing the stolen tools – which as a matter of interest can be bought from the pound shop.

"It's a bit of a nuisance in that we've got to get on to the supplier to get the replacements but that is what we will do.

"The thieves will get fed up before we do.

"And how many £1 screwdrivers does a thief need? We will win in the end.”

Wheatley ward councillor Coun Daniel Barwell who spearheaded the project said: “It's a sad day to be a councillor today, after so much work trying to improve our community, someone just had to prove a point.

"After defending Doncaster and the great people who live in it, there just had to be one who thought it'd be a good idea to ruin things for others.

“Utterly devastating to see that after three days the tools from the bike station have already been removed by a pair of bolt cutters.

“They're screwdrivers and allen keys, they cost a quid from the poundshop - the big benefit to the bike station was that at least if you forgot to bring yours, there would be one waiting for you.

“They will be replaced but even if they keep being removed we will make sure anyone who turns up on the open day will get a multi-tool set to use for the future.

“Even without the tools, the stand itself will benefit cyclists who do carry a multi-tool set and the pump will still help everyone to top their tires up or fix a puncture as they're out and about.

“We will continue to do what we can to give Doncaster nice things, things that in other cities and towns people wouldn't bat an eye lid over because Doncaster deserves better - but it will only be better when people realise that and treat the town with respect.

“This was an act of selfish vandalism. Not by someone taking bolt cutters to the park, wanting to resell near worthless spanners but by someone who wanted to prove a point that Doncaster isn't worthy of nice things but we believe Doncaster is and we will keep fighting alongside our community to prove it is.”