Warning after man performs sex act in front of dog walker in Doncaster street

A warning has been issued after man reportedly performed a sex act in front of a dog walker in a Doncaster street.

By Darren Burke
Monday, 23rd August 2021, 1:59 pm
Updated Monday, 23rd August 2021, 2:03 pm

According to a post widely shared on social media, a man in his 20s drove alongside a woman walking her dog and then exposed himself and began masturbating in front of her.

The indecent assault reportedly took place in Norwich Road, Wheatley between 8am and 8.30am on August 23.

The post said: “Everyone please be aware and make your children aware.

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The man performed a sex act in front of a woman in Norwich Road, Doncaster.

“She was walking her dog -the man in question pulled up beside her and asked if she smoked.

"She looked inside the car and the man was masturbating. She told him in no uncertain terms to go away – he didn't, he continued driving at the side of her until she again said to go away in an aggressive manner.

"He then sped off.”

According to the post, the man was in late 20's, with dark hair and was wearing sports type t shirt and bottoms.

She added: “It was a silver/grey car, not sure of the make but the numbers/letters of the reg that she remembers are Y F 1 5 8 – not nessarily in that order though.”

The driver ‘sped off’ in the direction of Beckett Road following the incident.

It added: “Please share and make your kids aware -this was a middle aged woman who was very assertive with him -anyone younger might not be so assertive. I have reported this information to the police.”

We have asked South Yorkshire Police for details.