Urgent call to tackle serious antisocial behaviour in Doncaster after 40 arrests were made

A call has been made to tackle anti-social behaviour in Doncaster.

Tuesday, 11th June 2019, 11:44 am
Updated Tuesday, 11th June 2019, 1:07 pm

Don Valley MP Caroline Flint has urged fellow ministers to tackle antisocial behaviour by ensuring that bans and curfews are used alongside prosecutions.

The MP did so after one six week police operation against crime and antisocial behaviour in Doncaster led to 40 arrests.

Ms Flint has strongly supported more powers for the police and Doncaster council to tackle antisocial behaviour.

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Police patrolling Doncaster town centre

The MP told Home Office Minister, Victoria Atkins: “The police in my area are concerned that when a person commits an offence on an estate, it is not standard for an injunction to sit alongside the prosecution, banning them from the area and imposing curfews that do not allow them to go out at night.

“That should be part and parcel of what is meted out to individuals who cause such havoc for businesses and residents in our communities.”

Speaking after the debate on crime and antisocial behaviour in small towns, Caroline said: “We are not talking about petty vandalism or over-age kids messing round in playgrounds, this is the serious problem of residents being intimidated, and cars or houses being vandalised, sometimes at the behest of organised criminals.

“I welcome the police operations to tackle this serious neighbourhood crime – and especially going to court to get an offender banned from entering an estate if they do not live there.

“I want the courts to assume that if the police are prosecuting someone for criminal damage or antisocial behaviour, that when they are back home after any sentence, their activity is curbed through curfews; a ban on associating with other criminals; and even controls over what roads they walk down.

“In my view, they lost their right to roam when they started ruining people’s lives. We need to show everyone they don’t own these neighbourhoods, the residents do.”

The MP, who has campaigned for more neighbourhood police, welcome the recent announcement that local neighbourhood teams will gain more police.