Two men mown down and hit with baseball bats in Doncaster street attack on TV show

Two men were mown down in the street by a car and suffered serious head injuries after being attacked with baseball bats in a Doncaster crime incident witnessed by TV viewers.

Wednesday, 9th June 2021, 11:32 am

Last night’s episode of gritty Channel 4 police documentary show 999: What’s Your Emergency? saw officers dealing with a number of linked incidents in Hexthorpe.

The show goes behind the scenes at South Yorkshire Police and last night’s programme, the first episode in a new series, featured a number of Doncaster stories.

And viewers saw two Romanian men left bleeding in the street after being deliberately driven into and then attacked by the vehicle's occupants.

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Police were called to the incident in Hexthorpe on 999: What's Your Emergency?

The force of the impact also destroyed a brick wall as police flooded the area to deal with the aftermath of the attack.

The footage began with PCs Aaron Zielinski and Tim Wildman racing to the scene of a massive street brawl involving gangs of immigrants.

Pc Zielinski told the cameras: “Hexthorpe is very multicultural with Polish, Romanians, Kurds, Slovaks and Russians all with their cultures, ways and beliefs. It’s difficult to police.

On arriving, the pair were told that men had leapt out of a silver Mercedes and begun attacking people before fleeing.

But with people unwilling to talk about the incident, the pair were forced to leave the scene with scant detail, with PC Zielinski remarking ‘typical Hexthorpe’ at people’s unwillingness to come forward with information.

However, police were back in the suburb hours later after another incident in which two men were mown down and attacked in the street with baseball bats.

Footage showed the pair bleeding profusely from head wounds, with police and paramedics dealing with their injuries after the car they were in was rammed.

Detective Jane Keightley said: “9 times out of ten there’s a motive behind it. There's something for someone to be that extreme to run someone down and smash them into a wall.

"My gut instinct is its drugs.”

It was revealed at the end of the show that police had been unable to trace those responsible for the attack and the two victims had since returned to Romania.