South Yorkshire woman faked kidnap plot to frame neighbour who wouldn’t have sex with her

Shaelynn Stewart claimed she was bundled into a black Audi by two men, who punched her and locked her in a "dark room" somewhere in Sheffield, on March 12.

By Tim Cunningham
Thursday, 4th June 2020, 4:15 pm
Updated Friday, 5th June 2020, 7:20 am

Prosecutor Louise Reevell described how Stewart later rang her housing and probation officers to say she had escaped and was on a bus to Chesterfield.

In total 34 officers responded to her pleas for help, at a cost of £1,700, and she was found at bus station with her dog.

Stewart claimed her upstairs neighbour had sprayed graffiti and damaged her flat, the day before “to get him into trouble”, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

Shaelynn Stewart

Ms Reevell said Stewart had sex with the man about five times after he moved into the flat in Mexborough, in September, last year, but he sometimes only agreed "to shut her up."

"If he refused she would make lots of noise and bang around the flat below," she said.

"He didn't consider it a serious relationship but she made mention of babies and marriage, and wouldn't accept that the relationship, such as it was, was over."

Stewart later told police she plotted to frame the man with fake emergency calls about the kidnapping, while she spent the night in a Sheffield hotel.

Messages to a friend on Whatsapp revealed that "it sent her crazy if she couldn't have him sexually," and that "I want him to get done for anything because I'm not happy."

"I'm just doing the prep now,” one message read. “I am so naughty. LOL."

Stewart was jailed for 16 weeks in December 2016 after arranging for an ex-partner to be beaten up, when he avoided seeing her while visiting their child in foster care.

"Thereafter she also made threats to his life if he didn't get back to her," said Ms Reevell. "She gave him a choice: her or death."

She admitted following him around Manchester and plotting to "have him knocked out, tied up and given an ultimatum and force him to have sex," the court heard.

Stewart was also convicted of stalking another man, following a week-long relationship, by setting up a dating profile on the “Plenty of Fish” website and arranging for "random women" to visit his home address, in June, last year.

Edward Moss, mitigating, said Stewart has a serious psychological disorder and needs therapy, but “now understands the seriousness of her offending.”

"The concern has to be whether she will receive any therapy in custody," he said.

Stewart, 24, formerly of Maple Road, Mexborough, pleaded guilty to two counts of perverting the course of justice.

On Thursday, Judge Peter Kelson QC made a restraining order until further notice and sentenced her to two years in prison.

He said: "You are dangerous when it comes to relationships. It is a form of offending which undermines the legitimacy of other complainants. It undermines the justice system."