More jail time for South Yorkshire prisoner who doused guards with 'disgusting and dangerous' human waste mixture

Officers at a Doncaster prison were left traumatised and needing hospital treatment after an inmate doused them with a vile human waste mixture.

Wednesday, 13th July 2022, 3:56 pm

A July 7 Sheffield Crown Court hearing, sitting remotely at Grimsby Crown Court, was told how HMP Lindholme inmate David Green committed crimes of administering a noxious substance against three officers at the prison in the space of just under two months.

Prosecuting barrister, Stephanie Hollis, told the court how at the time of this offending, Green, aged 32, was serving a seven-and-a-half year sentence for an offence of wounding with intent, which was passed in December 2020.

Ms Hollis said Green was around two months into his sentence when he targeted a prison officer on February 16, 2021 who was seconded to HMP Lindholme from HMP Hull due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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During a July 7 hearing, Sheffield Crown Court sitting remotely at Grimsby Crown Court, was told how HMP Lindholme inmate David Green committed crimes of administering a noxious substance against three officers at the prison in the space of just under two months.

Green later admitted to carrying out the offence because of the negative associations he has with staff at HMP Hull after serving time there, the court heard.

Summarising the facts of the case, Judge Sophie McKone told Green: “You deliberately targeted that prison officer because he normally worked at HMP Hull and you took offence to that.

“Over a period of two weeks, you planned that attack and started urinating into a shower bottle, and when he came into your cell you sprayed him with it.”

Ms Hollis told the court how Green struck again on April 6, 2021 in an office on the K-Wing of the prison where two prison officers were cleaning, and once again, doused the officers with waste he had put into a shower gel bottle.

Green carried out the offences at HMP Lindholme in February and April 2021. Picture: Marie Caley

“The officers describe being covered head to toe in a mixture of urine and human faeces,” Ms Hollis said.

Following the incident, both prison officers had to be taken to hospital to receive a tetanus shot and to be tested for Hepatitis B.

In a statement to the court, one of the prison officers described the impact the incident continues to have on her, and said she started counselling to help her ‘deal with it’ shortly after the incident and is still receiving it over a year later.

The prison officer also described how the incident has left her feeling ‘vulnerable and very anxious’.

The second prison officer said she ‘didn’t expect to be assaulted at work’ and has received help from the prison’s trauma team.

Judge McKone said of the offending: “It was disgusting, it was dangerous...because of the risk of infection. They were simply doing their job, which is hard enough anyway, made particularly hard because of the pandemic when prisoners were being locked down so the atmosphere was more tense.”

“Their already hard job was made even harder because of your vile behaviour,” she continued.

Ms Hollis told the court how since the commission of these offences, Green has carried out, and been convicted of, assaulting another prison officer and was sentenced to an additional 21 months’ custody.

Green, previously of HMP Manchester, pleaded guilty to three counts of administering a noxious substance at an earlier hearing.

Helen Chapman, defending, said: “He expresses, through me, remorse for his behaviour. He accepts the court may not accept that.”

Ms Chapman added that Green’s conduct in custody has improved significantly since he carried out the offences to ‘such an extent that he became an enhanced prisoner’ while at HMP Manchester, although he has subsequently been moved back to HMP Hull.

Judge McKone sentenced Green to an additional two years’ custody, to be served consecutively to his other sentences.

Speaking after the sentencing hearing, Detective Sergeant Paul Hiscock from Doncaster’s Prison Crime Unit said: “This is a fantastic result and I am pleased that Green will now spend an extended period of time behind bars.

“We work closely with our colleagues in the prison service who quite rightly should be able to go to work without being subjected to this type of offending.

“We will investigate any reports of criminality happening within our prisons and I hope this result sends a strong message to inmates that they potentially face further jail time should they continue to engage in crime while in prison.”