Drunk man rang South Yorkshire Police to complain about out of date bacon

A drunk called 999 to moan to South Yorkshire Police about out of date bacon.

By Darren Burke
Thursday, 24th December 2020, 10:03 am

In its festive warning urging people not to waste police time by calling the emergency line with trivial matters, a force spokesman revealed that in previous years, drunken callers have also dialled in asking how to cook turkeys.

Call handlers will be on duty througout the festive period – but people are being urged to think before they call.

Sara France, who has been part of the 999 team at South Yorkshire Police for the last three years, said: “The number of drunken calls we receive certainly increases.

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Bacon on display (Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images for New York Magazine)

"Last year I spoke to a chap who called 999 to complain that his local petrol station had sold him out of date bacon!

"In the past people have had calls about all sorts...including how to cook turkeys.”

And while things are slightly different at Atlas Court, the place where 999 and 101 calls are answered and online reports received, it will still be business as usual.

Sara added: “When you work for the police, you know that things don’t stop at this time of year and you know you’ll have to work!

“I’m used to being here now and treat it as any normal working day, this year I’m working 7am-7pm on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I’ll make sure I see the kids open their presents and we’ve got dinner planned in for after my 12-hour night-shift on Boxing Day! We make it work.”

PC Nicola Millward said: “Sadly we don’t have the decorations up this year because of Covid, but there are some Christmas jumpers appearing about the contact centre which is lovely and raises a bit of cash for charity.”

Sara added: “New Year’s Eve tends to be quiet, but then we hit midnight and the phones explode – we are always inundated with calls about fights and arguments.

"Whilst these won’t be in our pubs this year, we’re still expecting to receive these calls, sadly we think they will be coming from people’s homes.”

“Whilst it might seem funny that people call 999 about their turkey, just think about who could be in the queue behind you. You could be blocking the line for someone who genuinely needs our help, not with their cooking."