Doncaster named in top 10 towns for worst drivers in whole of UK

Doncaster has been named among the top 10 worst towns for drivers in the UK.

Monday, 3rd January 2022, 12:54 pm

Nw figures show people in our town are significantly more likely to have been slapped with points than people living in hundreds of other UK locations.

DVLA data on the number of penalties accumulated in different postcodes in the space of just a year appears to show Yorkshire residents are less safe behind the wheel.

Halifax, Bradford, Wakefield, Huddersfield and Leeds make up the top five with Doncaster in tenth spot.

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Drivers in Doncaster are among the worst in the UK.

A whopping 3.02 per cent of all drivers with full licences in Doncaster have points - making them among the speediest in the country.

Rounding out the top 10 are Kilmarnock in Scotland, with 3.55 per cent, Liverpool in Merseyside, with 3.48 per cent, Sunderland in Durham, with 3.09 per cent, Northampton in Northamptonshire with 3.04%.

In the south, Slough holds the crown for points, with 2.98 per cent of all drivers on full licences holding the penalty.

By far the safest place to drive in the country - or perhaps the location with fewest cameras - is Lerwick in the Shetland Islands.

There are 15,439 drivers in the ZE postcode, and 154 of them - 0.99 per cent - accumulated points over the space of the a year.

However, not all penalty points are issued for speeding. They can be handed to any motorists who breaks the law, with difference offences carrying different penalties.

Those with more than 12 points can be disqualified for up to three years, although anyone who passed their test fewer than two years ago could be banned after just six.

Points stay on a driving licence for either four or 11 years, depending on the offence.

The most common reasons for getting points are for speeding, driving without due care and attention, using a mobile phone, driving while disqualified, and drink or drug-driving offences.

However, those who leave the scene of an accident can be slapped with five to 10 points, while three points are given for driving with defective brakes, tyres or steering.

Driving an uninsured vehicle can land you with eight points, and parking in a dangerous spot can result in three.