Doncaster filmed police reality TV show to begin screening tomorrow

A police reality TV show filmed in Doncaster and across South Yorkshire will begin screening tomorrow.

Sunday, 10th January 2021, 12:47 pm

A new series of Channel 4’s 999: What’s Your Emergency? starts this Monday at 9pm - and it’s all about South Yorkshire Police.

A force spokesman said: “The opening episode is themed around what is described as ‘the age of fear’.

"Nine out of ten people are as worried, or more so, about being a victim of criminal behaviour than a year ago. The episode focuses on the hard work our officers put in to help and support victims of crime here in South Yorkshire, and the daily challenges they face while doing so.”

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999: What's Your Emergency begins on Channel 4 tomorrow night.

“I’ve never known a time like this,” says SYP call handler Josh Wright. “We all thought Brexit was bad enough, and then the coronavirus comes along. Fear is why people call the police, so it equates to more calls to us. There are incidents that we get through that are horrifying.”

In the middle of the night, PCs Dani Devey and Keeley Lees rush to help a traumatised woman, alone at home, as attackers rampage in the street smashing up houses and cars - and then respond to an elderly, unwell man whose bedsit is under siege from attackers still on the scene.

PCs Eddie Darby and Tabitha Rumney respond to the reported mugging of a young girl where the suspect is still at large. A terrified woman trapped at home begs emergency call handlers to help her escape from an abusive partner.

And a young mother – who sustained years of horrific abuse from her estranged husband – is suddenly fearing for her life again as he is released from prison and immediately begins a frightening campaign of intimidation.

A spokesman added: “It's gripping viewing, and shows the incredible skills, knowledge and compassion our officers have to help them protect the communities we serve.”

Television cameras were spotted capturing dramatic and real life footage of police incidents across South Yorkshire last year, with crews spotted on patrol with officers in Intake and Clay Lane in Doncaster.

The programme began airing on Channel 4 in 2012 and previous series have featured the work of the police, ambulance and fire services in places such as Blackpool, Wiltshire and Northamptonshire.