Cows die after being savaged in deliberate dog attack at Doncaster farm

Two cows had to be put to sleep and more were injured after they were savaged by dogs in a vicious and deliberate attack at a Doncaster farm.

Sunday, 10th January 2021, 4:07 pm

Shocked workers at Loversall Farm discovered the horrific bloodbath yesterday morning – and police are now investigating the incident.

Staff believe vicious fighting dogs were deliberately placed in the cows’ pens, allowing them to carry out a sustained and bloody attack.

Two of the cows had to be put down by vets after having their faces savaged, while the farm’s other cattle are now recovering from their ordeal after also suffering bite marks and wounds in the incident.

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One of the cows at Loversall Farm has been left bloodied after being attacked by dogs.

Farm worker Ciaran Powell, who discovered the attack yesterday morning, described the incident as ‘barbaric.’

He said: “The animals were attacked by vicious dogs. A fighting dog has been placed in the pens with the cows causing them harm and distress.”

“It clearly looks like poaching and we have had to have two put to sleep. It’s a barbaric act and we hope other animals will not be subject to such horrific attacks.”

Ciaran believes the incident took place late on Friday evening or in the early hours of Saturday morning, discovering the carnage at around 7am yesterday as he checked on the animals at the start of the working day.

He said: “Some of the other cows have injuries too.

"We have informed the police and they are due to come out to investigate.”

The farm is now offering a substantial cash reward for any information leading to information about the dogs and their owners.

He added: “I found them when I went to carry out my morning checks.

"I had checked on the them on the Friday evening and they were fine.

"The dogs had got hold of their mouths to try and pull them to the ground. They punctured their roof pallets and they would have never recovered, so two had to be put to sleep.

"The others have got gashs bite marks wounds and are all very distressed.”

Anyone with information about the incident at the farm can contact South Yorkshire Police on 101.