Concern over rats, flytipping and antisocial behaviour leads to spy camera plans on Doncaster estate

More CCTV cameras are set to be rolled out on a Doncaster estate to deal with ongoing concerns of antisocial behaviour and flytipping.

Friday, 17th January 2020, 11:45 am

The measures will be put in place in Hexthorpe immediately, police and council officials have confirmed to residents.

Neighbourhood police Insp Mark Payling said: “Before Christmas there was quite a lot of flytipping in the area, and people were complaining about that.

“A review has taken place, and there are plans to bring in more more cameras in areas where it is prevalent. We hope this will deter and catch flytippers, but also have an effect on levels of anti-social behaviour.

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Flytipping in Hexthorpe

“The proposal is to add five extra cameras, with two to be put in place pretty much straight away. Three more are proposed. The plan is to have them all in place by the end of January.

“We’ve had some issues with antisocial behaviour in the area. We’re confident with measures in place it is something that should be addressed quickly.”

Residents say antisocial behaviour in the area, including flytipping around the Hexthorpe Road area, has been ongoing problem. One resident told the Free Press she had a friend on a mobility scooter who was spat on near Kirk Street, and she herself had been confronted by people in the past.

“It used to be such a lovely area,” she said

Hexthorpe Road, Hexthorpe

Angelina Unthank, who runs a cafe on Hexthorpe Road, had recently seen fridge freezers and beds dumped on side streets.

“If you challenge people about their anti-social behaviour they will tell to you to get lost,” she said. “It’s not everyone – there are some really nice people as well.”

She said flytipping had brought problems with rats, and was aware of a house nearby where residents had brought in a Jack Russell dog to get rid of rats in their property, It rooted out 16 of the rodents.

“The owner was paid with a bottle of vodka and cigarettes,” she said.

Hexthorpe flytipping

“I’ve been working here more than 13 years,” she said. “I think it is the last two years that is has gone downhill.

“The council do come down here and clean up, but as soon as they leave, it’s back.”