Clearance works starts on Doncaster scouts HQ destroyed in an arson

A Doncaster youth group whose based was destroyed in an arson has been rallying the communuity round to help raise funds for a new headquarters.

Sixteen years ago the Doncaster 58th Scouts in Cantley were devastated when a fire left them without a home.

Whilst the insurance did pay out, it was nowhere close to enough to cover the cost of a rebuild so since then the group has been tirelessly raising funds for a new building.

Spokesman Lee Mulholland said: “The 58th Scout Group has been in Cantley for the last 60 years, helping hundreds of children learn valuable skills and taking them into young adulthood. Many of you may have been, or have children who are in our beavers, cubs and scout groups and for all the work we do in the community and for our children.

“We’re very close to reaching our target for the new building, so much so we’re now at a point where the land where the old headquarters used to be can now be cleared in preparation for the building.

“We’ve recruited lots of volunteers from various communities in the area which includes local business leaders, parents and other adults. We also have the backing of Councillor Khan and Rosie Winterton.

“We’ve approached several tool equipment hire firms and the One Stop chain stores who have been tremendous in providing support to our charity in providing us with tools and manpower.”

He added: “It’s a lot of work for our volunteers to clear the ground and we’re so very thankful to the people who are getting involved.

“Every penny really does count for us, if you can’t donate any money, please consider donating some of your time, we’re after anyone who can help in the construction trade, landscaping, fencing, ground clearance etc.

“Hopefully with the great people of Cantley behind us, we can restore our former home and enable our scout group to grow, and for anyone that donates you’ll be invited to a special open evening.”

The group is holding its first clearance day at the site on Everingham Road on Saturday, July 22, to which volunteers are welcome to go along and help.

It is hoped that the grand opening of the completed building will take place some time next year.

For more information about the work of the group and the fundraising that has been going on which includes holding stalls, jumble sales, community events and even packing bags at local supermarkets, visit the dedicated Facebook page