Childhood obesity '“ a rising epidemic

Sadly, childhood obesity is once again making the headlines.

Thursday, 10th May 2018, 9:00 am
The fight is on against the epidemic among children
The fight is on against the epidemic among children

In an article written in The Guardian, politicians are urging the Government to do more to help the fight against what is now an epidemic among children.

Some of the measure suggested including a ban on ‘buy one get one free’ junk food offers, as well as strict new rules on how and when junk foods can be advertised.

They also call for the tax system to be “used to make healthy food cheaper and discourage unhealthy choices both at home and on our high streets”

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But does this go far enough?

Let’s take your average supermarket.

Next time you go, take a good look at what is on offer and how much REAL food there is on the shelves.

My guess is that most supermarkets nowadays are filled with over 70% processed foods and as little as 30% REAL food.

Wholesale hoodwinking springs to mind. Clever marketing makes the products very difficult to ignore.

How are we meant to eat healthier when every where we look, we are encouraged to eat sugar laden junk food that is cheap and much too easily accessible.

It really is very difficult for all of us.

There is no doubt that cutting down on processed foods and eating a whole food diet is key to health, and with good health, natural weight loss will follow with no need for strict dieting.

Here are just a few tips to help you and your family eat a healthier diet:

Plan your meals a week in advance and buy only what you have on the list

Aim to cook as many meals as you can from the raw ingredients rather than tinned and processed foods

Batch cooking is a great way to prepare meals and freeze them use later in the week

Encourage children to eat whole fruit and veggies, allowing treats now and then

Try to avoid sugary drinks and instead, drink plain water flavoured with fresh lemon, lime or both

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Have a great week and stay healthy.