Changes to North Lincolnshire household recycling centre permits

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In January 2016 the permit system at the Household Recycling Centres (HRC) in North Lincolnshire is changing to help prevent the illegal disposable of commercial waste coming into the sites.

The council has installed CCTV and number plate recognition systems (ANPR) to help identify the illegal disposal of commercial waste at the HRC sites.

The council has reviewed the proposed changes to the HRC permit system and will no longer limit the number of visits to the HRC as originally proposed.

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You will need to apply for a permit if you have a commercial type vehicle such as:

Crew cab/pick-ups where the back is separate from the main cab area

Vehicles without rear passenger seats

Vehicles without side facing rear windows


Trailers 1.8 metres in length and 1.2 metres wide (six feet by four feet) with sides deeper than 0.4 metres or more, or with more than one axle

Vehicles with signs and logos or vans and flatbed trucks over 3,000 kilograms will not be eligible to apply for a permit.

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Vehicles registered outside North Lincolnshire will not be eligible to apply (unless a resident of Lincolnshire County Council and then they can apply for Kirton-in-Lindsey or Barnetby HRCs).

All previous permits holders will need to reapply before 2 January 2016 for a new permit, and will not be able dispose of waste without this. Residents that have reapplied since September 2015 do not need to reapply, they will receive a new permit shortly.

A North Lincolnshire Council spokesperson said:

“The Household Recycling Centre is for the disposal of your own household waste only. If you are carrying someone else’s waste – whether a neighbour or a family member, you are required by law to have a waste carriers licence or risk being fined or prosecuted. If residents are found to be carrying someone else’s waste, they may have their permits revoked.”

Apply for a permit online at Vehicle permits

Alternatively you can call 01724 297000 for an application form.