Brexit: Migration into Doncaster falls since EU referendum, immigration report shows

People migrating to Doncaster for work has fallen considerably since the EU referendum, according a report on immigration.Â

By The Newsroom
Friday, 23rd November 2018, 5:02 pm
Updated Friday, 23rd November 2018, 5:04 pm

Documents compiled by Migration Yorkshire, which keeps tabs on the numbers of people arriving to different areas of the county, said the overall number of new migrant workers arriving in Doncaster in 2017 was just under 2,870, a decrease of around 750 compared to the previous year '“ a 21 per cent decline.

Doncaster council bosses answering questions from councillors during a recent  meeting on Brexit preparations said the NHS had 104 EU nationals that were doctors and 62 were council social workers.

They also said there were '˜unknown levels' of UK citizens returning from EU countries. 

Figures show the biggest changes in individual nationalities compared with 2016 were decreases in arrivals from both Romania with a fall of around 300 and Poland, reduction of around 280 people. 

The level of workers from non-accession countries is said to be '˜lower and a more stable trend', falling very slightly to around 410 arrivals in 2017, the top countries of origin being Italy and Iran.

The top country of origin overall continues to be Romania with 1,701 arrivals - over 1,000 more than Poland, with approximately 442 arrivals. Bulgaria is next with around 114 arrivals.

Speaking at a meeting earlier this month, Christian Foster, an officer working on Brexit preparations for Doncaster Council, said: 'We've started to see a decrease of people coming into Doncaster '“ this is a picture that is replicated nationally. 

'There has been some detailed analysis of EU nationals working in Doncaster in partnership with businesses and hospitals for example understanding how that impacts on the number of doctors, nurses, social care workers and being clear on our risk strategy and put plans in place should we see workers returning to the EU. 

'Theresa May made a statement on EU citizens applying for settled status if they've been here for five years '“ Government had to try to release statements to calm people to avert a serious outflux of people leaving the UK. 

'It's an issue as a council that we are keeping an eye on.'