BREAKING: Rescue Day cancelled after torrential rain

The annual Rescue Day which attracts tens of thousands of people each year has been cancelled.

Friday, 8th July 2016, 12:40 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 4:06 pm
Rescue Day 2015

The news was announced on the official Rescue Day website this afternoon.

The statement reads as follows:

"It is with profound regret that for reasons of safety, Rescue Day 2016 is cancelled.

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Following last nights, un-forecast torrential rainfall, and the forecast of more to come, this decision by members of the Rescue Day Committee, 7 Lakes Staff, representatives from Humberside Fire & Rescue Service, 7 Lakes Country Park, East Midlands Ambulance Service, has not been taken lightly and has been made with the safety of the attending public, all exhibitors and emergency service crews involved in mind.

Following a site inspection at 7 Lakes Country Park this morning, all involved have grave concerns over the condition of the land both at 7 lakes Country Park and the land in the locations of both public car parks. The ground does not now have time nor the required conditions to recover for this year’s event and, given the forecast between now and tomorrow - more significant rainfall, the situation will only be exacerbated.

7 Lakes Country Park is situated on what is predominantly a clay-based soil. The rainfall during the previous weeks has caused the clay to absorb excessive rainfall and is consequently now well past saturation point. The level of rainfall we have experienced has caused water to stand across the site.

The main display areas are inaccessible to heavy vehicles – most of these vehicles are Fire Engines and specialist response assets which must remain operationally available to respond to any incidents which may occur across the area. The potential for heavy vehicles such as these to become stuck on the soft ground is too great a risk to contemplate.

Increased vehicular movements and footfall in such conditions would give the potential for injury and also damage the Country Park and increased site recovery times – business continuity for 7 Lakes Country Park has played a part in the decision making process.

The weather is beyond anyone's control however, on behalf of the Committee and all involved in this decision, I would like to offer my apologies for any inconvenience caused by the cancellation of this year's event. Clearly there will be cost implications for Rescue Day and others involved, The committee will work closely with all concerned to ensure financial responsibilities are met.

Rest assured the decision has not been taken lightly and contingencies to combat the wet weather for Rescue Day 2017 are already being discussed.