Black Cab rapist John Worboys has Doncaster woman pen-pal who sends him underwear pictures

Black Cab rapist John Worboys regularly receives letters from a Doncaster woman who sends him pictures of herself posing in underwear, it has been claimed.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 9th April 2018, 3:27 pm
Black Cab rapist John Worboys. (Photo: PA).
Black Cab rapist John Worboys. (Photo: PA).

The notorious sex attacker receives the letters and photos from a Doncaster woman in her 50s, according to a former inmate who spent time in jail alongside Worboys.

Matthew Gallagher spent time at a Yorkshire jail with Worboys and claims the sex attacker has "10 or so photographs" of the woman who regularly writes to him and sends pics posing in her underwear.

In an interview with the Sunday Mirror where he makes the revelations, Matthew said: "He says she's besotted with him and 'knows I ain't what they say I am'. I asked if he'll meet up with her when he gets out.

"He said 'she's a bit old for me, but I'll have a look'. In his mind he thinks he's 25 and is irresistible to women."

Matthew, 46, says he spent time with Worboys on C Wing at HMP Wakefield claiming to have been on a rehabilitation course together and visiting the rapist in his cell "almost all day, every day" where they would chat.

Worboys, jailed in 2009 on 19 charges against 12 women, was almost freed from prison after nine years following a Parole Board decision earlier this year.

Worboys, 60, is feared to have drugged and assaulted up to 200 women while working as a cabbie, targeting women on nights out in London’s West End.

He pretended to have won the lottery and offered passengers champagne, wine and vodka to celebrate with him. But the drinks were laced with sedatives.

Since being jailed 19 more women have come forward to say he assaulted them and another 10 went to the police after it was revealed he was up for parole.