Bids for wedding dress sold by spurned local wife to pay for divorce from "cheating husband" reach £65,000

Bids for a wedding dress put on sale by a spurned wife to pay for a divorce from her "cheating husband" have reached £65,000.
Samantha Wragg on her wedding day.Samantha Wragg on her wedding day.
Samantha Wragg on her wedding day.

Samantha Wragg, 28, from Chesterfield, wore the ivory 'art deco' dress on her wedding day in 2014 but she claims that her groom 'ran off' with another woman soon after they tied the knot.

The bloggerput the size 6 designer gown up for a starting price of £500 on auction website eBay - and bids have rocketed since the story came to prominence yesterday.

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Samantha posted the dress with a description taking a swipe at the alleged exploits of her soon-to-be ex husband, who she says left her footing the bill for a divorce.

Writing on the auction website she wrote: '"Sorry that there are only two pictures but when I found out my husband was living with another woman, I pretty much burned/permanently deleted everything with his disgusting face on it.

"If you want a dress that is full of bad memories and shattered hopes and dreams then this is the one for you!

She added: "Hope this dress brings you a lot more happiness than it brought me in the end and if not...well, you can always sell it on here!"

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The dress is strapless, with a long lace train and has been altered to fit Samantha's petite frame so would be 'perfect for someone who is 5ft or under with heels and is looking to save some money on a dress," she said.

In a final dig, she added: 'If you've got any questions - either about the dress or the skank that my husband ran off with - then please feel free to contact me!'

The Art Couture dress - which she says needs dry cleaning to get rid of the "stench of betrayal" has become a global news sensation after the story was reported across the globe.

After her advert went viral online, the social media worker posted a blog called ‘The truth behind THAT DRESS’, in which says it had been on sale on eBay for two weeks but had little interest so she decided to tell ‘make it funny’.

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Writing on her blog,, she said: “So here’s the background – my husband cheated on me and left me. This was way back in January but I’m only just getting round to selling my wedding dress.

“I had my wedding dress on eBay for two weeks with barely any views so I decided with a little help from my brother to make it funny.

“A lot of people have got the wrong end of the stick and think it’s really bitter but anyone who knows me knows I’ve got a great sense of humour and it’s very tongue in cheek.

"And to the people who have said ‘well, she won’t get any bids advertising like that’ – I don’t think you’ve quite understood.”

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Samantha signs off the blog by saying: “I wish my ex-husband all the best with everything. Yes, he made a terrible and really hurtful mistake but he’s got to live with that. I forgive him and I’m very happy now so hope he is too.”