Barnsley Council reminds people that sunshine helps keep bones healthy

Did you know you need sunshine to help build your bone strength and that vitamin D can help?

Barnsley Council in partnership with Barnsley health services is reminding people of all ages that vitamin D is essential to build new bone – it helps your body absorb calcium. If your bones are weaker you are more likely to break them if you fall.

Ninety per cent of your ‘Vit D’ intake is from sunlight – although being in the Northern hemisphere means our exposure is more limited as we get less sunshine. Try to expose your arms, legs and face to the outdoor sun for around 10 minutes, twice a day, during the summer months. This will provide enough vitamin D for the year. Vitamin D is less well absorbed if you have sunscreen applied, and it is advised you expose your skin without sunscreen on for only 10 minutes at a time and avoid the midday sun.

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sxsssasasasasaAround 10 per cent of your body’s vitamin D stores come from your diet – usually in the form of fortified foods such as cereals, breads, margarines and in oily fish and eggs. Some people are more at risk of low vitamin D levels – for example, those who are housebound, over the age of 75 years, or who lack sunshine exposure. If you suspect you are not getting enough vitamin D you should speak to your GP. For more information see