Bar told it can open until 6am despite police concerns

One of Doncaster's biggest town centre bars has been given the all-clear to open until 6am, despite police concerns.

Tuesday, 2nd February 2016, 8:32 am
Updated Tuesday, 2nd February 2016, 8:34 am
The Priory, Lazarus Walk, Doncaster

Senior officers with the South Yorkshire force had raised their worries about the plans.

But Doncaster Councillors sitting on the borough’s licensing sub-committee have now given the bar the green light to stay open until 6am on Friday and Saturday nights, subject to security measures such as employing bouncers. The venue will not be allowed to let anyone in after 4.30am.

Supt Natalie Shaw, from South Yorkshire Police, had made a representation to the council urging the committee to reject the planned extension.

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Doncaster-based Supt Shaw said her understanding was that the bar was part of the Doncaster town centre cumulative impact zone, a section of the town centre which is subject to special restrictions designed to curb antisocial behaviour.

She told the committee: “I am aware that two areas within the impact zone are already licensed to open until 6am.

“My concern, if the application for the Priory was granted, is that there would be significant implications in relation to increases in crime and disorder within the impact zone.

“The premises are currently licensed to hold 640 people and the consequences of another 640 people, most likely under the influence of alcohol, cannot be underestimated.

“Policing resources are already at capacity in relation to policing the night-time economy, and this additional demand would impact on other areas of policing responsibilities.”

Experts acting on behalf of the bar made representations and answered council questions at the committee meeting.

All parties were then asked to leave the room while the sub-committee discussed the position and reached a decision to allow the extension.

A council spokesman said: “The licensing sub-committee, having considered an application to vary the premises licence for The Priory, Bradford Row, Doncaster, and having taken into account the written representations made and the evidence presented at the meeting, decided to grant the application in the terms set out in Appendix B of the agenda.

“Together with the existing conditions, it would not significantly impact on crime and disorder in the Cumulative Impact Zone.”