Baby goat Beau and his pygmy pals are stars of Sheffield wildlife centre

A tiny orphan goat, and his three fluffy playmates, are capturing hearts at a busy Sheffield wildlife centre.

Baby pygmy goat Beau sadly lost his mother, Beauty, in childbirth.

Beauty’s first baby also died due to her birthing complications.

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Capable staff from Portland Vets managed to step in and save ‘miracle baby’ Beau by performing an emergency Caesarian section.

Beau and three other little pygmies were all born at the Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife and Falconry Centre in North Anston, near Sheffield.

It has been an emotional and heartwarmingtime for staff at the centre.

In his first few nerve-wracking days, Beau was cared for around the clock in the Small Animal House by dedicated carers, until he was strong enough to join the rest of the goats in the Farm Barn.

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He was alone for only a few days, then his pygmy pals Sprinkles and Gaston made an appearance, born to mother Pepper.

Sprinkles joined Beau in the Small Animal House, as she too needed carefulmonitoring;

Beau and Sprinkles have since built a strong bond and wherever Beau goes now, Sprinkles is right behind him as his shadow.

The fourth baby was born to mum Nell, and animal staff have named this baby pygmy/Saanen goat Floss, as she is completely white, and closely resembles her grandmother Flo.

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Floss is very energetic, and delights her audience with her jumping antics.

Abigail Carter, Animal Team Leader at the wildlife centre, said; “The baby goats are incredibly cute; it’s wonderful to see our visitors’ reactions to seeing the baby goats for the first time, and the joy that feeding a baby goat brings!”

Visitors can help feed the baby pygmy goats every day in the Farm Barn, until they become adult. There is an ‘encounters’ timetable for visitors to view.

The Tropical Butterfly House is open daily, located just five minutes from the M1, junction 31, with free parking.

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