Appeal for help to find former Doncaster woman

The search is on for a former PE student from Doncaster, and it is hoped Free Press readers might provide the missing piece to a 50-years old jigsaw.

Wednesday, 18th January 2017, 3:07 pm
Updated Wednesday, 18th January 2017, 3:11 pm
Chelsea College of Physical Education students with Doncaster's Linda Gray top left
Chelsea College of Physical Education students with Doncaster's Linda Gray top left

Four former PE students from the south of England have spent the past year tracking down all 168 students from their 1967 year group, who were at the former Chelsea College of Physical Education in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

But despite their painstaking efforts, there is one student from their group who remains untraced.

Linda Gray, as she was known then, used to live at 29, Westfield Road, Balby.

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Spokeswoman for the students’ group, Jan Oswick, said: “It’s been quite an adventure, great fun.

“We call ourselves the four Miss Marples.

“we’re delighted to have got this far, but we’re not going to give up now.”

She continued: “We are appealing to readers for help and have supplied a 1967 photograph to hopefully jog people’s memories.

“If you are that Linda Gray, or you know where she is now, please contact us and then our work will be complete.”

The students have a special reason for wanting to bring all their old friends back together - they are planning a fiftieth anniversary reunion weekend in the seaside town in June. The college now forms part of Brighton University.

Their search that has been carried out online, by telephone and sometimes in person , has taken them all over the world, and ex-students are coming from as far as America, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong for the summer party.

Their success rate is remarkable, given the number of years involved and taking in to account the distance that many have travelled.

Contact them at [email protected] -