Anger over parking ban outside residents homes on flagship Doncaster town centre estate

Gables resident Paul Foley, is one of a group of residents concerned about the parking arrangements. Picture:  Marie CaleyGables resident Paul Foley, is one of a group of residents concerned about the parking arrangements. Picture:  Marie Caley
Gables resident Paul Foley, is one of a group of residents concerned about the parking arrangements. Picture: Marie Caley
Furious residents are embroiled in a row with developers - after on street parking was banned outside their homes on a high profile Doncaster housing development.

It could mean all cars which park on the streets on the new The Gables development, off Chequer Road in the town centre, will receive fines, including those who are visiting residents.

Residents are complaining about the ban and have set up a group to look into issue on the estate - one of the flagship town centre developments which formed part of the Civic and Cultural Quarter redevelopment, near the Civic Offices.

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They initially complained about non residents parking on the street and leaving their cars there while they were at work, but some proposed a residents' parking scheme.

But now they say they have been told that there will be only seven visitor parking bays for 97 homes, which they believe will make it hard for visitors with cars to see them.

Paul Foley, of Paddock View, is a member of The Gables Residents Group, which has been set up to hold meetings with developer Muse.

He said residents are pleased with the houses but are angry because when they bought, they were given the impression visitors would be able to park on the street outside the houses. Developer Muse denies this.

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The group has already had a meeting with Dan Needham, the development director for Muse.

Letters have been put out warning people that cars parked in the street will receive letters warning them that it is not permitted. If it persists, it says they will being in a parking enforcement company.

The street is currently still owned by Muse. It is expected to be adopted by Doncaster Council next year..

Mr Foley said some households had two cars. He said: "I bought thinking that there would be off road parking, and I'm not the only one. It came to light as the development grew, that there were non residents parking on the road. There were no lines on the road. Some of us were give permits for parking on the road. It's private land.

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"Earlier this year we had letters saying that parking on the road would be banned, with the final letter saying that would be with immediate effect. We feel bullied.

"There are only seven designated visitor parking bays for 97 houses. It had been fine for three years. We asked them to do something about non residents parking, but we wanted a parking permit system.

"People will not be able to come to visit us by car. They will have to get the train."

A spokesperson from Muse Developments, said: “We have been listening to residents’ concerns in order to find a solution that works for all parties. However, throughout the sales process and in the transfer documents that homeowners signed, we were clear that there would only be one car parking space per home, with parking on estate roads and common areas expressly prohibited.

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“We understand and appreciate frustrations when people are parking in these areas, obstructing residents and we are doing everything we can to stop it. If the problem persists, then we will have no option but to look at enforcement, which is possible due to the roads still being under private ownership.”