999 What's Your Emergency? Viewers see police rescue man from Doncaster M18 bridge plunge

This is the dramatic moment a man threatening to throw himself off a motorway bridge in Doncaster was rescued by police officers.

By Darren Burke
Tuesday, 18th January 2022, 11:19 am

Viewers of last night’s Channel 4 reality TV show 999 What’s Your Emergency? saw a number of concerned officers trying to coax the man away from the parapet of the Bawtry Road bridge which crosses the M18.

It was revealed that the man had driven to the bridge after a split with his family.

Cameras showed PCs Danni Devey and Keeley Lees racing to the scene after a concerned member of the public approached the pair at a nearby petrol station telling them he had spotted a man on the bridge.

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Police rescue the man from the bridge over the M18 in Doncaster. (Photo: Channel 4).

Pc Devey told viewers: “We get a lot of calls in Doncaster for people on bridges. It’s the first place people go to in a crisis.”

Footage showed the two officers placing an arm around the upset man as he initially declined to speak to officers, staring at the carriageway below.

The bridge was sealed off at either end and more officers deployed as police pleaded with the man, said to be ‘cold and shaking’ to step away from the edge.

Pc Devey was seen telling viewers: “Come and sit in the back of the car with me.”

In an insert filmed afterwards, she added: "If I say the wrong thing, it could be a trigger to make him want to go over.”

Pc Lees added: “People are human, they f*** up and make mistakes.”

As the man was shown leaning further and further over the bridge, officers moved in, managing to pull him to safety.

“We’re not here to hurt you,” one was filmed saying, “we’re here to make sure you are safe.”

The man was taken to hospital for a mental health assessment.

Pc Devey added: “I’d like to hope this will be a turning point and he gets the help he needs.”

At the end of the show, it was revealed that the man had made a full recovery and is now in a new relationship

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