West Stockwith author helping fellow writers succeed

Author of The Accidental Memoir, Anthony Cropper
Author of The Accidental Memoir, Anthony Cropper

A talented writer from West Stockwith is hoping his latest book release will inspire others to write their own masterpiece.  

Senior lecturer in creative writing at Nottingham Trent University, Anthony Cropper, has released The Accidental Memoir  – a book that is an interactive/guided writing journal, filled with prompts and resources, as well as advice for writers.

Anthony said: “The book was released by HarperCollins - 4th Estate - July - and has been doing very well. Eve Makis and myself have been on the BBC World Service talking about the book, on BBC Notts, Talk Europe Radio, have had a two-page article in the Daily Mail and have been featured in numerous online and print magazines. The project started out quite small, Eve wanted a present for her father (for Xmas) so we put together a journal of writing prompts. We applied for Arts Council funding to develop the idea and we made 300 copies to use in prisons, probation centres, refugee groups, schools, homes for the elderly etc.”