Trust Bayo ergonomic mouse:Review

Given we can spend a significant portion of our day sat behind a desk, finding comfort while doing so should probably be a higher priority.

Sunday, 13th February 2022, 11:56 pm
Trust Bayo ergonomic mouse
Trust Bayo ergonomic mouse

Digital accessory brand Trust is looking to ensure less of the niggly aches and pains of office life and has launched the Bayo ergonomic mouse in order to do so.

If the main point of this mouse is comfort, it certainly achieves that.

Its curved, raised design ensures next to no strain on the wrist or forearm which standard mouses often cause during extended use. The shape is said to mimic how one’s arm would naturally sit on a desk and it does achieve this.

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Using the mouse does feel a little alien at first but becomes natural very quickly, and that is largely due to how comfortable it is to use.

The cursor moves smoothly across the screen - although there did appear to be a slowing when the battery of the mouse was low, which was rather jarring.

One of the big concerns with wireless products is being caught short when batteries run out but the Bayo ensures this is avoided.

A prominent red light shows when the battery is running low and the mouse can also be operated as a wired product so no usage time is lost while charging.

The only issue found over a long period of usage was an occasional glitch where standard left clicks would cause web pages to jump back, which was particularly infuriating when using sites that time out.

That aside, the overall user experience was very good and the Trust Bayo would make a useful addition to office life.

The recommended retail price for the Trust Bayo is £29.99.