Doncaster named among least stressful UK cities to go Christmas shopping

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Doncaster has been named one of the least stressful places in the UK to go Christmas shopping, a new study has revealed.

The city’s Frenchgate mall was named by experts as one of the most relaxing places to go shopping – while Sheffield’s Meadowhall was named the second most stressful place in the UK for a festive trip.

Almost half of Brits (44%) who celebrate Christmas find buying presents to be the most stressful aspect of the season, according to recent data from YouGov, with six in 10 (57%) respondents citing that finding the perfect present as one of the biggest stressors.

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In light of the statistics, relaxation experts at UK Saunas collected over 25,000 reviews from shopping centres in 30 UK cities, to find the most and least stressful cities for Christmas present buying.

The Frenchgate has been named as one of the least stressful places to go Christmas shopping in the UK.The Frenchgate has been named as one of the least stressful places to go Christmas shopping in the UK.
The Frenchgate has been named as one of the least stressful places to go Christmas shopping in the UK.

The data revealed that Doncaster Frenchgate Shopping Centre is the fifth least stressful while the Bullring Shopping Centre in Birmingham is the most stressful.

The study revealed that Birmingham, Sheffield, and Southampton are the top three most stressful shopping centres for Christmas shoppers with Peterborough, Bristol and Norwich home to the least stressful city shopping centres in the UK.

UK Saunas analysed Tripadvisor reviews for shopping centres across 30 UK cities, analysing almost 25,000 reviews in total.

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A spokesman said: “We searched reviews for keywords such as “stressful”, “busy, “queues” and “crowded”, representing total mentions as a percentage of total reviews

Along with this, Brian Clarke, wellness expert and owner of UK Saunas has provided his favourite tips for managing stress while Christmas shopping this year.

“The holiday season is magical—the perfect time for joy, togetherness, and festivities. However, the weeks leading up to it can be overwhelming, from handling present requests to navigating crowded stores and overspending.

This stress can cast a shadow on the joy of Christmas. But fear not: Here are some key tips to keep your cool during the Christmas shopping hustle.

1 - Write a List

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Make a list of everyone you need to buy for, including gift ideas for each recipient, and refer to it while you shop to stay organised and stress-free

2 - Get to The Stores Earlier

Get to the shops as soon as they open to avoid the massive crowds, stick to your shopping list rather than browsing, and avoid the Christmas Eve rush if possible

3 - Increase Your Magnesium Intake

You can use minerals like magnesium to remain calm during stressful situations. Take magnesium supplements or Epsom salt baths to support your nervous system during Christmas shopping

4 - Stretch Your Muscles

Stretch your muscles before and after going Christmas shopping as this releases muscle tension, triggers endorphins, and provides an energy boost

5 - Eat Food That Contains Tyrosine

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Eat food high in dietary tyrosine like cheese, beef, eggs, nuts and lamb. Tyrosine boosts neurotransmitter production, enhancing concentration, motivation, satisfaction, and mood stability to help with maintaining your stress at Christmas

6 - Shift Your Mindset

Your attitude towards Christmas shopping plays a significant role in managing your stress. Instead of dwelling on negativity, focus on the positive side of Christmas. Embrace the festive spirit, and you'll likely find joy in the holiday activity”