In The Saddle: The patter of tiny hooves in 2015?

Happy New Year to you all!

Thursday, 1st January 2015, 9:00 am
Anita Marsh

I can’t believe it’s now the start of 2015. Another year has passed and time has really flown.

This time last year I was praying my horse, April, would come sound after treatment for light suspensory ligament damage.

Since then we have gone on to compete at local shows. I’m so pleased.

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Given that it’s the start of 2015, I definitely have some horsey plans for the year ahead. This year sees the search for a first pony for my six year old daughter. I’m so excited about it.

My mare, April, has around two and half acres to herself. Not sure she will like sharing it but she will love some horsey company.

We have made the decision to hunt for a perfect loan pony.

Loaning horses is pretty common in the horse world. It’s a great opportunity for people to be able to enjoy the aspects of riding and caring for a horse, without the initial big cost of buying.

Since my daughter is still growing, it makes sense for us to loan (rather than buy) as she might only be the right size and weight for a few years maximum.

But searching for the right pony is not as easy as it sounds.

For a start, most good ponies already have a waiting list and very rarely are advertised.

We need a pony at least 12.2-13.1 as my daughter is extremely tall for her age (she’s in age 8-9 clothing) but yet her riding capacity is still novice, and not that of an eight year old.

The pony needs to be patient enough to stand for ages to be groomed (we already have pink glitter hoof stuff in the boot room ready!) and be totally safe on the roads with traffic.

On top of this, the pony needs to be easy to load and be good with the dentist farrier.

Ultimately, though, safety is paramount.

Not bucking or bolting off, kicking or biting. The pony who joins us has to be kind and forgiving, as my daughter is still learning, and must be a confidence giver.

So you see, we really want the perfect little pony. The trouble is, so does every other mother.

So, our plans to give the right pony a home are very exciting.

I have dreams of leading her around the village on my mare and of us both going to ‘Horse of the Year’ show to watch the professionals when she’s a bit older.

Her little loan pony will want for nothing and, with copious amount of hugs at the ready, the owner will be safe in the knowledge that their pony is in a fabulous five star home.

If you have a pony that’s available in the spring and sounds just like what we need, please contact me through Facebook or Twitter.

In the meantime, I wish you all a super year ahead with your horses. And a very happy New Year from my mare, April, and I.

* Keep up to date with all Anita and April’s adventures throughout 2015 through Facebook page In The Saddle – Anita Marsh, blog and Twitter @inthesaddleblog address.