South Yorkshire Shooting Show 2021 at Doncaster Exhibition Centre

Doncaster Exhibition Centre is set to host the annual South Yorkshire Shooting Show this weekend.

Closeup of a smoking traditional skeet shooting shotgun after shots fired
Closeup of a smoking traditional skeet shooting shotgun after shots fired

From September 25th to September 26th, 2021, Doncaster Exhibition Centre will play host to the South Yorkshire Shooting Show, after the event was announced to be going ahead amid potential COVID-19 concerns.

On both days, the show will take place from 9am to 4.30pm with plenty to do, see and experience in that time.

Whether you’re an experienced shooter, a novice, or are simply interested in the event and want to see what it’s all about, tickets can be purchased on the South Yorkshire Shooting Show website.

A ticket for one of the two days is £11, while a ticket for both days will cost you £20 (including booking fees). Under-16s are granted free entry, though you may be asked to prove your age and must be under adult supervision.

Inside shooting area

The inside shooting area is more suited for firearms enthusiasts and avid hunters, but there’s something interesting for everyone here.

Here, you can buy hunting rifles, accessories (including different scopes and grips) and clothing. However, you will be denied purchase of any firearms if you do not have the appropriate license – if you have one, make sure you bring it along with you.

You’re also able to try any of the rifles and guns on sale before you buy them, if you’re not too sure about it. Furthermore, there’s plenty of experts around who can give you advice on your aiming technique and what to buy to suit your own preferences.

Country Fair

At the outdoor country fair, you can partake in a number of different activities. There’s the clay shooting range, which is open to both advanced rifle-users and beginners. You can also use the air rifle range if you’d prefer.

If real firearms aren’t your thing, you can have a go at the archery. A qualified instructor will be on hand to help you out if you’re inexperienced with a bow and arrow, so don’t worry. Furthermore, you can also partake in the shooting simulator, which is slightly less dangerous and is great if you need a breather. There’s prizes available, so do what you can!

Another point of interest is the scheduled calling competition, where you can practice or perfect your hunting calls. A panel of judges will be on hand to rate your performance based on the animal whose call you’re trying to replicate – once again, there’s prizes up for grabs, so make sure you’ve got a clear throat!

Adding to this, a fleet of food vans will be dotted around the event’s grounds, with most of them selling genuine game meat if you’re hungry. Doncaster Racecourse will also provide catering for additional food and drink.

Dogs are not only welcomed, but you’re encouraged to bring them along with you. Don’t worry – dog leads are permitted, so there’s no danger of them running off. Make sure if you bring a dog that it’s on a lead at all times.