Scunthorpe and District Pony Club: Autumn hunter trial full results

The Scunthorpe and District Pony Club (SDPC) recently held their autumn hunter trial at Bagmoor on the estate of Normanby Hall, North Lincolnshire.

Wednesday, 25th September 2019, 2:26 pm
Updated Wednesday, 25th September 2019, 2:27 pm
Scunthorpe and District Pony Club.

The hunter trial is a popular event where riders can compete their horses and ponies on a tough cross country course.

The event is open to members and the public and is held twice a year in the spring and autumn attracting competitors from across the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire region.

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“This year we had a fantastic amount of riders supporting the event. There were a couple of hold ups on the day due to the paramedics having to attend competitors, but overall it was a huge success. It is important to remember that safety on the course is paramount,” Helen Ritchie, Assistant DC from the club said.

Free Press equestrian columnist, Anita Marsh, will be covering the event in detail in her column In The Saddle following her daughter competing there for the first time.

If you would like to see more events from the local Pony Club please check out the Scunthorpe and District Pony Club website at or their Facebook page.


Results of Autumn Hunter Held at Bagmoor Lane Scunthorpe on September 15

Class 1 – 45cm Pairs

1st Harry James on Jimmy

Zara James on Skyfall

2nd Megan Rowland on Belinda Highest Placed Scunthorpe Members

Mia Ritchie on Gladrags

3rd Robyn Lee on Frankie

William Robinson on Peanut Butter

4th Annabelle Greenwood on Leonie - Scunthorpe Member

Holly Middleton on Peter – Scunthorpe member

5th Ebony Bell on Mulan - Scunthorpe Member

Maddison Wigham on Rosie – Scunthorpe Member

6th Megan Askham on Lady Scunthorpe member

Jessica Moorhouse on Tilly

Class 2 45cm Individual

1st Rebecca Bradley on Without Licence

2nd Megan Shone on Golden Alley

3rd William Robinson on Peanut

4th Megan Askham on Lady Highest Placed Scunthorpe member

5th Robyn Lee on Frankie

6th Annabelle Greenwood on Leonie – Scunthorpe Member

Class 3 60cm Pairs

1st Katy Goring on Topsy Tim

Emily Buckel on Pink Floyd

2nd Lily Rose Pearson on Easy Boy

Krista McKenzie on Jimmy

3rd Aaliyah Bowers Carter on Toby - Highest Placed Scunthorpe Members.

Sophia Serri on Ollie

4th Lily Rose Pearson on Spot the Spot

Grace McLaughlin on Dunham More

5th Kate Smith on Finn

Gina Hill on Logan

6th Leigh Hatton on Harley

Rebecca Rowal on Spirit

Class 4 60cm Individual - Rosettes sponsored by Columbines unisex Hair Salon Scotter


Sarah Creaser on Stilton

2nd Emily Buckel on Celton Primo

3rd Maisie Farnham on Black Magic

4th Polly Coles on Jeff

5th Claire Coy on Buddy

6th Lily Ella Pesterfield on Spot the Spot

Highest place Scunthorpe member was Aaliyah Bowers Carter

Class 5 70cm Pairs – H. Simpson & Sons Ashby

1st Honey Nash on Firecracker

Katy Goring on Topsy Timothy

2nd Emily Lock on Amy Lock

3rd Anna Kyrnyckyj on Morse – Highest placed scunthorpe member

Ellie Burgin on Duke – Highest Scunthorpe member

4th Kelly Winter and Stevie

Kerry Walsh on Gladys

5th Sarah McDonald on Bob

Elsa McCormick on Katie

6th Maddison Davidson on Barney

Isobel Zuurbier on Troy

Class 6 70cm individual – Tony Arber Butchers Scotter

Elandlodge .com national hunter trial qualifier for 70cm at Eland Lodge

1st Clare Coy on Buddy -Qualified

2nd Maddison Davidison on Barney - Qualified

3rd Aaliyah Bowers Carter on Toby Highest Placed Scunthorpe member - Qualified

4th Halle Nutt on Woody – Scunthorpe Member

5th Isobel Zuurbier on Troy

6th Laura Marsay on Backhouse Charmain

Class 7 80cm Individual

Elandlodge .com national hunter trial qualifier for 80cm at Eland Lodge

1st Kerry Churchman on Dennis – Qualified

2nd Judith Whitley on Whigsborough Prince – Qualified

3rd Wiktoria Lasota on Mombeg Affair- Highest Placed Scunthorpe Member – Qualified

4th Sharon Duncan on Tye

5th Tim Hersy on Ricky of Leckaun

6th Imogen Strawson on Greaghnacross Blue Magic

Class 8 Open Pairs

Elandlodge .com national hunter trial qualifier for 80cm at Eland Lodge

1st Dawn Lock

Adele Turner

2nd Tim Hersey on Ricky of Leckaun

Sarah Broad

3rd Kelly Winter on Stevie

Kerry Walsh on Gladys

Class 9 90cm Individual – David Neve Photography

Elandlodge .com national hunter trial qualifier for 90cm at Eland Lodge

1st Linsey Hewitt on

2nd Kerry Churchman on Dennis

3rd Wiktoria Losota on Momberg Affair - Highest Placed Scunthorpe Member

4th Grace Foster on

5th Sarah McDonald on Bob

6th Gabby Salvador on

Class 10 Open

Elandlodge .com national hunter trial qualifier for 100cm at Eland Lodge

1st Tabitha Barron on -

2nd Katy Havercroft on