Henderson's Relish v Worcestershire sauce row sparks war of words at Doncaster restaurant

It has long been a battleground in its Sheffield birthplace, but now the war of words over Henderson’s Relish and Worcestershire sauce has spread to Doncaster too.

By Darren Burke
Tuesday, 5th April 2022, 12:35 pm

For those unfamiliar with the great debate, the two spicy condiment sauces have fought it out for decades to be named the number one when it comes to dousing some on your food our using it as a cooking ingredient.

But away from the Steel City, many have never heard of Hendo’s – as it is known locally – with suggestions in some parts of the country that it’s a cheap imitation of the famous Lea and Perrrin’s Worcestershire sauce.

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Who wins in the great Henderson's Relish v Worcestershire sauce debate?

Now the war of words is being fought out in the kitchens of Doncaster, with The Harewood in Waterdale chipping into the discussion.

Sharing details of a clash, a spokesman said: “Controversy ensued in the kitchen the other day – we need to settle this.

“The majority of our team are from Doncaster and of course Spain - but some teams members are from Sheffield.

“Said Sheffield person was aghast when he spotted one of the chefs using Lea and Perrins and NOT Henderson’s Relish.

“Does Hendo’s have the whole of Yorkshire behind it? Or is it only as far as the Sheffield borders?

“Thoughts please so we can put this to rest and no more arguments need be had.”

Knowledge of Henderson's is so limited outside Yorkshire that, in February 2014, Lewisham MP Jim Dowd misunderstood it as a copy of Lea and Perrins and described it as "parasitic packaging" in an attempt to pass off one sauce as another during a parliamentary debate.

He was corrected on the matter by a number of Sheffield MPs and later toured the Sheffield factory as a peace making gesture.

The spicy sauce was first created in Sheffield more than 100 years ago and production took place in the same spot on the edge of the city centre until 2013 when the firm moved to new premises of the Parkway to continue making the sauce which has been a staple on city tables for decades.