Review: Mio MiVue C330 dash cam

Dash cams have an increasing presence in vehicles on British roads.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 26th October 2018, 4:21 pm
Updated Friday, 26th October 2018, 4:28 pm
Mio MiVue C330
Mio MiVue C330

Ultimately, most drivers use them for insurance purposes - guarding against bogus or contentious claims by providing irrefutable evidence of what actually happened.

In a crowded market, the Mio MiVue C330 is a higher end option that packs a real punch.

Mio MiVue C330

The major standout of the C330 - and the real value in the greater cost - is the depth of the information provided within each recording.

The full HD recording over a 130 degree range is merely the start.

Full GPS allows for the tracking and recording of speed and location throughout the journey.

All are presented as part of the playback, so not only can you show evidence of what happened during an incident, you can show an accurate reading of the speed you were travelling at.

Mio MiVue C330

Playback functionality is excellent, whether on the unit itself or on a desktop.

The device can detect a collision and stores footage from such incidents separately from normal recordings for ease of access. This footage then will not be overwritten by general recording.

Using software, on a desktop the playback function comes to life. Recordings can be shared on social media or presented in case of the need of evidence. GPS data allows for presentation of the journey in the form of a map.

It's hard to imagine how much more data it could possibly collect.

Other features include the ability to snap a still image at the touch of a button.

The GPS allows for a speed tracker - and this is the view the C330 assumes after a few seconds.

Recording begins as soon as the vehicle starts - there are no buttons to press.

Another major feature is speed camera alerts.

The unit will sound an alert as well as a voice signal when a camera is approaching, with the display providing the speed limit plus the distance to the camera.

While ever the speed of the vehicle remains above the limit it will sound an alert to encourage the driver to slow down.

You also have the ability to add new speed camera locations to the memory with the simple press of a button.

The size of the unit is small and unobtrusive, so much so that it allows the ability to nestle it behind the rear view mirror.

The power cable is long so it can be positioned as required without causing an obstruction.

With an RRP of around £110 - though they can be found at around £80 online - there are certainly cheaper dash cams on the market.

But the C330 offers plenty of value for the financial outlay, particularly if the details are what matter to you.