Photo exhibition highlighting daily lives of three destitute families in Doncaster

A local photo exhibition highlighting the daily lives of three families in Doncaster is set to tour the town's Community libraries after Healthwatch Doncaster joined its crowdfunding drive earlier this year and provided match-funding for the project.

Les Monaghan, leading the Relative Poverty project, spent time with families that would be defined as destitute, taking photographs along the way over 10 days to challenge practice around issues of agency, public engagement and fairness of representation.

There will be an opening showing on Friday 28 April 2017 at Cast Doncaster from 11am-1.30pm.

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Healthwatch Doncaster, alongside donations through a crowdfunding campaign, decided to support this project to raise awareness of how local people can share their experiences of health and care services in Doncaster with their local Healthwatch.

Healthwatch Doncaster became aware of the Relative Poverty project in the Autumn of 2016 and recognised that it would be an opportunity to capture and document the experiences of local people in relation to how they access local health and care services in Doncaster with a view to encouraging discussion and debate.

“Healthwatch Doncaster is focussed on engaging with local people, communities and organisations to gather a range of stories and experiences that can be used to inform and influence both providers and commissioners of health and care services in Doncaster.

“The Board of Healthwatch Doncaster saw this as an innovative opportunity to get involved in and support Les in his work. It has generated powerful images that will encourage local discussion and debate. More importantly, Relative Poverty will offer an insight into how individuals’ lives affect their access to health and care services,” said Andrew Goodall, Chief Operating Officer at Healthwatch Doncaster.”

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The culmination of four months’ work will result in two initial exhibitions at Askern and Balby Community Libraries with the intention to tour the work across all 25 libraries starting in May 2017.

es said: “It was fantastic to see the crowdfunding donations come in to support the Relative Poverty project and Healthwatch Doncaster’s assistance and support has been greatly appreciated.”

Healthwatch Doncaster will be working closely with Les at the community exhibitions to support local conversations and debate along with supporting local people to share their experiences of health and care services in Doncaster through a range of different media – conversations, video, photos, social media.

To keep updated with the project, you can visit the Relative Poverty project website at: