Oxify: Customers use oxygen therapy to tackle aches, pains and fatigue

Is oxygen therapy the treatment for you?Is oxygen therapy the treatment for you?
Is oxygen therapy the treatment for you?
Stepping inside an oxygen chamber might not be the first idea that springs to mind as your new thing to do in 2023. But with the well-being benefits of oxygen therapy becoming more widely recognised it might be worth giving it a go – and you can tap into a special January discount to do it.

Traditionally used to treat wounds and promote healing, oxygen therapy is now being used by people hoping to reduce a range of symptoms including pain, fatigue and stress.

More recently it’s been used by some people to ease the frustrating symptoms of long Covid and is also believed to have anti-ageing benefits.

A study carried out in Israel found that oxygen-enriched blood flowing through the bloodstream helped active cells to replicate while clearing out old ones – essentially reducing visible signs of ageing, according to Sarah Todd who runs the Oxify therapy centre in Retford.

Save money on oxygen therapy in Retford this JanuarySave money on oxygen therapy in Retford this January
Save money on oxygen therapy in Retford this January

And Sarah hopes more people will discover the treatment for themselves. “New year is the ideal time to step up your self-care and do things to improve your overall well-being,” she said.

“A lot of people don’t know much about oxygen therapy but it can help with a range of common issues like tiredness and lack of energy.

Sleep and relaxation

“People also tend to find it very relaxing and a lot them fall asleep during the sessions and come out feeling rested,” she added.

Oxify’s clients include men and women of all ages including sports people who often use the therapy after injury.

If you’re not familiar with oxygen therapy, you might feel slightly daunted at the prospect of being inside a pressurised chamber but the reality is probably very different from the image possibly conjured up by your imagination.

Known as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), it involves a higher purity of oxygen coupled with increased pressure.

The air we normally breathe contains 21 per cent oxygen but that rises to 95 per cent with HBOT. Alongside the extra oxygen, pressure inside the chamber goes up to almost one and a half times its usual level. Oxify says the effect of oxygen-enriched blood flowing through the bloodstream stimulates damaged organs and cells and improves healing.

Spacious chambers

Anyone new to the therapy at Oxify will find spacious chambers with windows, comfy seats and the option to sit up or lie down. Customers simply wear a face mask to inhale the oxygen and can while away the minutes, reading, listening to music or by taking a power nap or two.

An individual session typically lasts for 60 minutes and customers are carefully monitored throughout by an Oxify team member.

As well as the January discount code DFP976 Oxify also offers a 20-minute taster session for just £5 giving people a chance to try the therapy without breaking the bank.

The discount code applies to a one-hour session booked in January and should be quoted when making an appointment.

You can find your nearest Oxify Therapy Centre at Ground Floor, Randall Business Centre, Randall Park Way, Retford DN22 7WF. Telephone 01777 861462 or email [email protected] to make an appointment or ask any questions.

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