Fun survey with serious message reveals Doncaster's favourite nickname for vagina

A new study has revealed Doncaster’s favourite nickname for vagina – as part of a new health push to break the stigma around smear tests.

By Darren Burke
Wednesday, 13th April 2022, 2:31 pm

In the last 10 years there has been a large decline in smear test rates despite the fact that these tests save at least 2,000 lives every year in the UK.

LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor are on a mission to get the UK cervical screenings rate to increase – so they’ve asked the nation their favourite euphemism for vagina to try and break the stigma

Lots of people use different euphemisms for the word vagina, it's a quintessentially British trait to try and dance around the word rather than use it.

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The UK's favourite euphemisms for the vagina have been revealed.

Being embarrassed of the word vagina shouldn’t mean that you’re embarrassed about talking about it. It’s vitally important that women (especially young women) stay on top of their cervical screenings.

The study showed that in Doncaster and across Yorkshire and The Humber, the favourite name for vagina is vag.

Plain and simple, the citizens of Yorkshire reject their neighbours' top synonyms of foof and fanny, and instead prefer to put it like it is.

The top euphemisms we use for vagina

From bits to beaver and vagine to vajayjay, here are the top 20 terms that the UK uses to describe their vaginas on the whole.

Taking the top spot is one of the old classics, fanny.


1 Fanny

2 Down There

3 Bits

4 Vag

5 Downstairs

6 Pussy

7 Foof

8 Lady Bits

9 Minge

10 Private parts

11 Vajayjay

12 Vagine

13 Foo Foo

14 Muff

15 Privates

16 Beaver

17 Crotch

18 Nunny

19 Girly Bits

20 Lady Parts

Dr Sameer Sanghvi, Clinical Technology Lead at LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor said: “Being embarrassed of the word vagina shouldn’t mean that you’re embarrassed about keeping your health in check.

“Smear tests are available for anyone with a cervix between the ages of 25 to 64 in the UK, so whatever you choose to call your vagina, make sure you get checked. You can also check if you’re eligible for the free HPV vaccine to protect you from cervical cancer.

Whichever euphemism you use for your vagina, just make sure that you’re taking care of it.”