Lifting Covid restrictions: What Boris Johnson is expected to announced and what it will mean in Doncaster

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to announce tomorrow that self-isolation will no longer be required when people test positive for Covid-19.

By Claire Lewis
Sunday, 20th February 2022, 11:46 am
Rules around self-isolation for people who test positive for Covid are set to change tomorrow
Rules around self-isolation for people who test positive for Covid are set to change tomorrow

Ahead of tomorrow’s official announcement, he said today that it is time for the UK to shift the balance away from “state mandation”, as he prepares to end the legal requirement for self-isolation.

In an interview broadcast on BBC Sunday Morning, he said people must now be encouraged to take personal responsibility for how they handle Covid and the threat it poses.

The legal requirement to self-isolate is set to be dropped, as part of a “living with Covid” plan.

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“We have reached a stage where we think you can shift the balance away from state mandation, away from banning certain courses of action, and compelling certain courses of action, in favour of encouraging personal responsibility,” the PM said.

He said the public should still remain cautious, and get vaccinated if they are yet to do so.

“We're certainly not asking people to throw caution to the winds. Covid remains a dangerous disease, particularly if you haven't been vaccinated,” Mr Johnson said.

Although restrictions are set to end tomorrow, the Prime Minister has refused to rule out reintroducing them in the face of a new variant in the future.

His official spokesman has also clarified that No 10 would not recommend people go to work if they test positive for coronavirus.

He said: “What we would simply be doing is removing the domestic regulations which relate to isolation.

“But obviously in the same way that someone with flu, we wouldn’t recommend they go to work, we would never recommend anyone goes to work when they have an infectious disease.”

The decision to end self-isolation has been questioned by some, including health experts.

Labour’s shadow health secretary, Wes Streeting, has called for the Government to produce the evidence behind the decision.

Boris Johnson is declaring victory before the war is over,” Me Streeting said.

“Labour doesn’t want to see restrictions in place any longer than they need to be. The government should publish the evidence behind this decision, so the public can have faith that it is being made in the national interest.”