Sheffield woman with coronavirus says she ‘slept for 20 hours a day and crawled to toilet’

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A Sheffield woman has told what it’s like to have coronavirus in a frank video blog.

Catherine Trodden, who has just finished 14 days in self-isolation at her home in Nether Edge, revealed how the virus left her sleeping for 20 hours a day and so exhausted that she was unable to get up and down stairs.

She also spoke of suffering a fever which saw her temperature rocket to nearly 40c, wheezing – and how she had to be tended to by paramedics after fainting at home.

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But she has sent out a message of hope to other people suffering from coronavirus and said: “There’s no quick fix – but it does pass.”

Catherine Trodden has spoken of what its like to have coronavirus.Catherine Trodden has spoken of what its like to have coronavirus.
Catherine Trodden has spoken of what its like to have coronavirus. | JPIMedia

Catherine, 33, said: “I just want to pass on tips on what its like and the best way to recover from coronavirus. It can be a long stretch of flu like symptoms.”

She added: “I caught it, I think, coming back from Barcelona on March 5. I don’t know if I was exposed to it in Barcelona or while travelling.

“I felt ill pretty quickly afterwards. The starting signs for me were clamminess and a fever coming on.

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“I was tired and sneezing and next day I had a runny nose and quite horribly upset stomach.

“It hit me like a freight train that evening. I had a very sore throat, my chest felt tight, I was wheezing and felt absolutely exhausted.

“I spent most of that first week in bed.

“I live on my own and have two cats. Even getting up and downstairs twice a day to make sure they were fed was a bit difficult.

“I ended up moving my kettle upstairs because I couldn’t keep going up and down stairs to make cups of tea.”

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She added: “On numerous occasions, I actually had to crawl to the bathroom.

“I also fainted – and that’s when the paramedics came to see me.

“I had a fever of 39.5.”

However, she was treated as a suspected case because Barcelona was not deemed a high risk area and because she was not over the age of 65.

But Catherine says she is now feeling much better after her ordeal – and has passed on a number of tips to others who might be in the same boat.

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She said: “Having been through it. There are some essentials to get on your shopping list.

“Lozenges for your throat and Vicks is an absolute godsend.

“Cleaning the bed sheets regularly, even though its the last thing you want to do – psychologically, getting into clean non sweaty sheets is a good feeling.”

“I had so much rest. Do not be ashamed of how much you sleep.

“I couldn’t eat for five days. All my calories came from Lucozade and honey.

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“There’s no quick fix. Paracetamol brings the fever down but most of it is just letting it pass. It does pass but don’t rush back to things. I slept for 20 hours a day.”

She has also urged people to look out for each other and added: “Look out for people who live on their own. It is a true struggle.

“A huge shout out to the friends who sent food parcels and medication and kept me in contact with the real world.

“I’m not ashamed to admit I had a few teary spells when I wanted a cuddle. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

“When I am better, I will do my bit for others. People have gone above and beyond for me and that’s very uplifting.”