"Inexcusable behaviour" - Doncaster Free Press readers share lockdown sacrifices after Downing Street party scandal

We asked Doncaster free Press readers what they were doing on the day of the Downing St Party on May 20, 2020 – a day when Doncaster hit 150 Covid deaths.

By Kev Rogers
Wednesday, 19th January 2022, 9:50 am
Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Prime Minister Boris Johnson

On the day 100 people were invited to "bring their own booze" to Downing Street's garden on May 20, 2020, the people of Doncaster were confronting the stark realities of life and death in Lockdown.

Here are just some of the moving and enraged responses readers posted on our Facebook Page.

Lloren Amy Goodall wrote:

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“The 19th May 2020 was my grandad’s funeral.. where I wasn’t even allowed to stand with my mum.. No hugging or consoling each other!!!”

Jane Teresa Vella posted:

“I was fighting for my life in my local hospital. Not Covid related but suffering from anaemia, sepsis, clots in my major organs and recovering from a cardiac arrest.

“My husband, family and friends were praying for my life while these absolute shysters were making a mockery of the rest of the country who were trying to do the best for each other!”

Debbie Thomas wrote:

“Mourning the loss of dad to covid, who we were unable to see, unable to hug my mum, unable to sit next to family at his funeral. The list goes on!!”

Nickie Reeve added:

“On Facetime to my mum because it was her birthday and I cried because I just wanted to give her a hug and take her grandkids to see her that was the only present she wanted a hug from them.”

Jenny Sykes posted:

“Probably at work then coming home . Not allowing my parents round , not allowing my kids to go out Not allowing my Sons girlfriend round .Or maybe doing our parents shopping because they were vulnerable . Feeling very anxious about it all.”

Angie Southam said:

“My 50th birthday! All 50th plans cancelled unc spa weekend, and 5 Star adult Holiday cancelled, sticking to covid rules in my garden whilst people were critically ill and dying !”

Lisa Stead wrote:

“My mother in law passed away 27th May .

“We couldn’t visit her pria , she was only allowed 10 at her funeral we didn’t have a family car and couldn’t have a wake for her. My partner still hasn’t had the chance to grieve and was denied seeing his mum before she passed as they didn’t live local so we couldn’t travel. It’s an absolute joke."

Becca Fyffe said:

“Probably at home alone suffering with PND and unable to have any support.”

Jane Beach said:

“Frantically isolating making my husband shower as soon as he came through the door (he was the only one working in our house )worrying about my business . Worrying about my unborn grandchild and the effects of the virus on unborn worrying about my pregnant daughter missing my boy his wife and missing my granddaughter like crazy.”

Georgina Pearman wrote:

“At home with a new born baby on my own with no help- no family allowed in and nowhere to go whilst my partner had to work all the way through as my business couldn’t operate.”

Lucie Waterhouse added:

“Probably canceling my wedding that took two years to plan !! Still Going to work as frontline NHS worker but they can have a party!!”