"If I can understand it, why can't you?" Doncaster NHS worker's son, 10, in 'stay home' appeal

A Doncaster youngster has urged people to stay at home during the coronavirus lockdown, telling people: “If I can understand it at ten, why can’t you?”

By Darren Burke
Wednesday, 25th March 2020, 10:09 am

In a video clip widely shared on Facebook, Tyler, tells the camera: “My mum goes to work to keep you safe.

“Please stay at home.

“If I can understand it at ten, why can’t you?”

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Tyler Atkinson is urging people to stay at home.

His mum Donna is a nursing sister.

Proud dad Dave of Sykehouse said: “Message from a 10 year old that seems to understand more than adults. Share away folks - might trigger a few brain cells.”

Steve Knott added: “Well said little lad.”

And Phil Marris wrote: “Good lad Tyler, we'll do our bit for you.”

On Monday, Boris Johnson told the British public to stay at home and leave only for essential reasons – shopping for essential items, work if impossible to work from home, medical needs and for one session of daily exercise.