Doncaster to fall silent on second anniversary of first nationwide Covid lockdown

People in Doncaster are being asked to join a nationwide minute’s silence to mark the second anniversary of the first nationwide coronavirus lockdown.

By Darren Burke
Monday, 21st March 2022, 12:01 pm

The nation will fall silent at noon on Wednesday to remember all those lost to the pandemic.

It was on March 23, 2020 that Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the first Covid lockdown with shops and businesses closed and people ordered to stay at home.

Dr Rupert Suckling, Doncaster’s Director of Public Health, is urging people in Doncaster to remember the town’s 1,000 plus victiims of Covid.

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Deserted streets in Doncaster at the start of the first Covid lockdown in March 2020.

He said: "This Wednesday marks two years since the Prime Minister announced the first lockdown, and there will be a national minute’s silence at noon.

“We've all experienced some dark days over those two years, but I'm proud of the way the Doncaster community stuck together through those incredibly difficult times.

“We're now in a much better place thanks to the vaccination programme, but also thanks to your dedication of sticking to the continually evolving rules and restrictions, isolating when needed and being on hand to help some of our most vulnerable residents.

“The future definitely appears brighter, and it is in no small part thanks to the ways in which we have all played our part over the last two years.”

Doncaster’s first Covid case was discovered on March 18, 2020 and there are currently more than 100 people in the town’s hospitals with the virus.

He added: “We're over a month into the government's 'Living with Covid' plans, which saw the removal of legal Covid restrictions, and as expected we have seen an uptick in cases both locally and nationally.

“We're also seeing this now translate into hospital admissions too, with more patients in active Covid care than we've seen in recent weeks.

“This is another reminder that Covid has not disappeared and remains circulating in our community. It's important that we all do what we can to ensure we keep everyone as safe as possible.

“Wearing face coverings in crowded, enclosed spaces and staying home when unwell may no longer be legal requirements but really do help protect ourselves and others.

“Washing our hands regularly, making sure rooms are well ventilated when we meet others and getting vaccinated (if you haven’t yet) are other important ways to help balance the risks.”