This is what Doncaster parents - and one headteacher - think about the length of the summer holidays

Next week is the first of the six week school holiday break for youngsters across the borough, and we wanted to know if you think having that amount of time off school is right for children, their families and teachers. Here, you give your views.

Wednesday, 24th July 2019, 11:46 am
Are the six week holidays too long?

Joe Brian – Ivanhoe Primary Academy Headteacher

The six week summer break is an old educational tradition.

There is an argument for having more breaks, but of a shorter duration, so that children do not get out of the habit of learning during a long break away from school.When teachers are on a break, however, they often use that time just to catch up because of the many, many demands that are made of them. I wouldn’t feel confident that teachers had recharged their batteries without a long holiday which would allow them time in school and some rest away from the place.It is a dilemma; I would go for shorter holidays but I would have to add that teachers would need to be less burdened with procedure so that they could enjoy a break themselves – otherwise the stress levels would lead to burn-outs.

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Ivanhoe Primary Academy headteacher Joe Brian.

Chinwe Russell – Artist and mum

Summer holidays are really very important in the lives of our children as it is that time of the year when strong family memories are created.

I personally think that summer holidays should be eight weeks like they have in France as this will give families the opportunity to spend quality time with their children. Children these days have very busy lives, much busier than when I was a child. Not only do they have school during the day, but many children go to after school activities too. A longer holiday will give children a real down time.As a mother of a 10-year-old, I look forward to the summer holidays a lot as it is the time when I am the most productive. The reason for this is that I do not have to do school runs and this means that I have the time to do activities with my daughter.

Denise McCabe – Retired Beauty Therapist and mum

Artist Chinwe Russell, pictured, on Doncaster High Street. Picture: Marie Caley NDFP-25-06-19-ArtWindowWraps-5

I think the six week summer holidays are too long as the kids get so out of their routine and struggle to re-adjust when they return to school in September.

It also causes so much stress for parents who are struggling for childcare when they work full time jobs, it sometimes means mum and dads have to use up their holidays and take turns in being home with the children, leaving little left for family holidays together. I used to dread the holidays as I had to work, being a single, self-employed mum. It’s only now I've retired that I no longer have that stress.It it was suggested years ago that the holiday should be cut down to four weeks in summer and then add one week on to the February or May half terms and the other week on to the Octer half term. I think this was a good idea.

Lisa Marie Brooks – Carer for disabled daughter

My special needs child finds it harder to adjust back into school life after the ‘big’ holidays.

Doncaster mum and retired beauty therapist Denise McCabe with her children.

What's the harm in breaking it up so family's get more time throughout the year for holidays away? It doesn't make sense to have six continuous weeks off, it’s too long. I feel that schools should take into account the difficulties parents have to not only juggling childcare, but finding the extra money to keep the kids entertained.Times have changed and the school holidays should change too. I think children should have three weeks off in July, and then have another three off in August or September, and I think most parents would agree that breaking up the summer holiday is a very feasible idea that would please everyone.Kids also get bored with six weeks off too.

Doncaster mum Lisa Marie Brooks, who is a carer for her disabled daughter.