New Mexican Restaurant is serving vegan options and turning food intolerance into a new business

A new eco-friendly restaurant business has opened in Doncaster Market – with vegan tacos and burrito bowls.

By Laura Andrew
Tuesday, 12th November 2019, 12:07 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th November 2019, 12:08 pm
Shane at the stall.
Shane at the stall.

Shane Wood, aged 33, and from Intake, is the owner of the business El Contador.

The food stall is brand new to the Food Hall in Doncaster Market but this is their second location.

Shane said: “We want to provide food that’s healthy and that everyone can afford.

“I make the margins as low as I can and it’s all homemade and fresh.”

Their first is in Derby and originated due to Shane’s partner Sarah’s food allergies.

She suffers from coeliac disease which means avoiding gluten – but she loves Mexican food.

This gave Shane an idea - why not open up a business where she could eat what she loved.

“We we’re going to get married but instead we used the money to open up this business,” he continued.

“It can be hard to eat out if you’re gluten-free and frustrating to find good food.”

Which is why his entire menu is 100 per cent gluten-free.

Shane said: “We’re allergen specialists and we also have vegan options. We make a vegan mayonnaise and nacho cheese sauce.”

They want to be an eco-friendly business which is why they use bamboo forks and biodegradable take away containers. Their new stall in the Doncaster Market came after they won a competition to open one.

Shane said: “People wanted something different in here.

“There isn’t another Mexican around and we offer something unique.”

The food stall will be open Tuesday, Friday and Saturday – the normal Doncaster Market days.

If you want to cook their food at home you will be able to as Shane has decided to expand into selling spices, herbs and chillies from the stall.

He is even going to sell taco presses so that customers can learn how to make taco shells from scratch.

The menu has classic Mexican food available for meat-eaters and vegans.

They serve burrito bowls, soft tacos, quesadillas, loaded nachos, and fajitas.

Shane says that the stall is perfect for lunch.

He said: “We’re right in the centre, portions are generous and the prices are reasonable.”