National Apprenticeship Week: MultiWebMarketing salutes the next generation of digital stars

MultiWebMarketing proudly joins the nationwide celebration of the 17th annual National Apprenticeship Week (NAW), highlighting the invaluable contributions of apprenticeships to personal growth, professional development, and organisational success.
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This year's theme, "Skills for Life," underscores the commitment of employers to equip apprentices not only with job-specific skills but also with the essential tools necessary to thrive in their future endeavours.

MultiWebMarketing take great pride in showcasing the success stories of apprentices who have embarked on transformative journeys of learning and achievement. Brad, aged 22, a dedicated learner in our software development apprenticeship, shares his journey:

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"I've recently kicked off my software development apprenticeship journey, absorbing knowledge through guided learning and on-the-job training. From mastering Website Development technologies like HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, & WordPress to embracing Agile working methodologies and adopting standard workplace behaviours – the learning has been immersive. My aspirations include continuing this journey, contributing to impactful websites and software in the future."

Brad, Kieran, Harry.Brad, Kieran, Harry.
Brad, Kieran, Harry.

Similarly, Harry, aged 23, our content and SEO apprentice, expresses his enthusiasm for acquiring skills that extend beyond the immediate tasks at hand: “I am constantly learning new things about on-page and off-page SEO and, overall, how to increase a web page's organic search engine ranking. Being an apprentice allows me to learn on the job from professionals in the digital marketing industry, hopefully leading to me becoming an SEO expert in the future."

MultiWebMarketing uphold the belief in saying "yes" to individuals fuelled by drive and passion, prioritising potential over perfection. Kieran, aged 26, who recently marked a decade with the firm, is a testament to this ethos as he began his journey as an apprentice.

Kieran reflects on his experience: "Ten years ago, I started as an apprentice at MultiWebMarketing. The company saw the potential in me, providing opportunities for growth and development. Today, I celebrate a decade here, grateful for the chance to contribute to our success."

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MultiWebMarketing works with QA as their apprenticeship partner of choice and have collaborated for almost two years.

Matt Lawson, Client Relationship Manager at QA, said: “ We have been working together with MultiWebMarketing almost two years now and it has been a pleasure.“In the tech industry companies are seeing challenges with recruitment, retention and upskilling. QA apprenticeships help companies with these challenges whilst remaining competitive & building sustainable teams.

“Additionally, working with apprenticeship friendly organisations can bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to the workplace. Our partnership with MultiWebMarketing demonstrates this well.

"With opportunities in Software Development, Marketing and Data Analysis the team is dedicated to a regular in-take of tech talent. With a home grown culture, MultiWebMarketing will enjoy long term benefits in retaining talent and reducing reliance on the recruitment market. Looking forward to seeing your apprentices as future leaders in the business.

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As the UK commemorates National Apprenticeship Week 2024, MultiWebMarketing champions the transformative power of apprenticeships, fostering a culture of learning, growth, and success. Join them in celebrating the skills, dedication, and bright futures of their apprentices, both past and present.