'Magic, healing, hippy shop' steps up from market stall to Doncaster high street

It’s been described as a magic, healing, hippy shop – but businesswoman Beth Murray’s happy with that.

By David Kessen
Thursday, 28th November 2019, 6:41 pm
Updated Tuesday, 3rd December 2019, 2:04 pm

Since taking over The Enchanted Way when it was a stall within Doncaster Market, Beth has twice moved the business into bigger, shop premises, as well as expanding its trade, which has traditionally been selling spiritual and healing items such as incense and essential oils.

Beth took over what was then a market stall around three years ago, 16 years after it was first set up at Doncaster Wool Market, and then at the Corn Exchange when the wool market was redeveloped.

Then in April 2017, she moved the operation to a shop for the first time, initially in Bowers Fold. Now just a few weeks ago she moved again to set up on Scot Lane.

Beth Murray, Owner, pictured at The enchanted Way, which has recently moved from Bowers Fold to Scot Lane. Picture: Marie Caley NDFP-26-11-19-EnchantedWay-1

It is something of a return to her roots. Beth’s first job when she was aged just 14 was selling things like those that she now trades, in those days on a market stall in Spalding, Lincolnshire.

After working in a number of other jobs including a food processing factory, she decided to switch careers for health reasons, as she was suffering from arthritis.

And now, having expanded into her current location, she has added hypnotherapy to the sales at the premises.

Entering the shop, it has the distinctive aroma of incense in the air. The shelves are lined with oils and other ‘spiritual’ products.

The Enchanted Way, Scot Lane, Doncaster. Picture: Marie Caley NDFP-26-11-19-EnchantedWay-4

Beth said: “I decided to try retail. It had been the basis of my first job as a teenager. I was born in Doncaster but we moved to Lincolnshire when I was still a child, and I moved back to Doncaster as an adult.

“I had a good idea of what I was doing, and didn’t want to change the shop too much when I took over, because I had been a customer before I took over.”

Already a psychology graduate, she went on to train as a hypnotherapist with an organisation called Inner Vision.

Beth trained up a year ago, and was following in the footsteps of her grandfather, who had been an amateur hypnotist.

The Enchanted Way, Scot Lane, Doncaster. Picture: Marie Caley NDFP-26-11-19-EnchantedWay-5

She has a room in the shop especially for that side of the business, which she says is gradually building up.

A lot of work comes from recommendation and Beth makes referrals to other therapists. She is building up a specialism, working with customers over issues such as anxiety and confidence building.

She has also helped people give up smoking or manage their weight.

The move to Scot Lane has seen passing trade increase.

The Enchanted Way, Scot Lane, Doncaster. Picture: Marie Caley NDFP-26-11-19-EnchantedWay-2

“We sell a bit of everything,” said. “There are home fragrances and essential oils, and singing bowls. Singing bowls are bowls with grooves inside that make a sound, a bit like wine glasses, if you run your finger round the top of them. They cause a tone which is good for meditation and spiritual healing.

“I’ve heard us classed as a magic healing hippy shop – I like that.”

Beth is a believer in the sort of items she stocks, and wears around her neck what she describes as a tiger eye crystal – named ater its yellow and brown stripes.

“I use it for energy and confidence,” she said. “I wear it had work because I suffer from social anxiety. It has helped me. But different things work for different people.

“There is no typical customer – there are people of all ages, some in flowing hippy style clothes and some in business suits.

“I think Doncaster is like most of the country, in that is growing in terms of spiritual things, and you find that spiritual side sometimes in people who you don’t expect to show that.

“Since we have moved to Scot Lane we have had a lot more customers coming in after walking past the window. With Christmas on the way, a lot of people drop in for unusual gifts. Now I’m keen to grow the hypnotherapy side.”