Doncaster is the 19th BEST town in the UK for independent businesses, new index data reveals

A new survey rhas revealed Doncaster as the 19th best town in the UK for independent businesses.
Doncaster is among the best places in the UK for Independent businesses.Doncaster is among the best places in the UK for Independent businesses.
Doncaster is among the best places in the UK for Independent businesses.

Doncaster scores well in the index created by business analysts Bionic which uses nine different metrics to discover which UK city has the strongest independent economy, where small businesses can thrive

The data showed that Doncaster had 669 active businesses per 10,000 population and 91.2% active small businesses

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Doncaster is also among the UK towns with the cheapest value for office floor space with office space per square metre at £98.

Across the UK the rise in small businesses has increased and Doncaster is among the UK towns with the highest growth in new business within the past five years, with a 34.2% survival rate.

The news was welcomed by business leaders in Doncaster, including Chris Dungworth, Doncaster Council’s Head of Service at Business Doncaster.

He said: “We are pleased to see the results of this survey and an acknowledgement of the strength of the economy in Doncaster.

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"There are many opportunities for independent businesses to start up, grow and flourish in Doncaster. There is a lot of focus from our Business Doncaster team on supporting business at present providing help to find premises at competitive rents, funding opportunities and support for recruitment and training.

"Our Launchpad programme is proving to be very effective in helping entrepreneurs looking to start up new independent businesses and we continue to work and support SME’S with growth projects.

Kelli Barker, Business Support Manager at Doncaster Chamber, added: “Before the pandemic, Doncaster was one of the fastest growing economies in the UK, with many high profile businesses seeking to locate their operations in the Borough in order to benefit from our well established and evolving transport links, central location and to connect with our thriving business community.

“We know that new businesses who access support and advice early on are much more likely to succeed.

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"During the pandemic, we were one of very few Chambers of Commerce across the country to see our membership base continue to expand with both new and established businesses able to benefit from our wraparound business support programmes, and adaptive opportunities to do business.

"For example, through working with one of our business support advisers and using a structured approach that is tailored to the entrepreneur and their business type, we are able to provide support to get the business model right, with appropriate and effective market and competitor analysis, pricing and cost analysis, product validation, team building and leadership in place.

“The findings from this report and the accompanying ranking are incredibly heartening and it is hugely positive to see that despite the complex and challenging environment and pressures that all businesses are currently contending with, there continues to be a high level of confidence and entrepreneurship in Doncaster.”

The report highlights the following areas where Doncaster performs well against other towns and cities.

Number of start-ups per 10,000 population 58.2.

Five-year business survival rate 34.2 per cent.

Percentage of new businesses started 17.2 per cent.

Percentage of business closures 12.5 per cent.

Percentage of active SMEs: 91.2 per cent.

Business density: 669.

Percentage of population commuting by foot: 9.1 per cent.

Cost of office space per square metre £98.

Total index score out of 100: 52.7